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Greetings xennials and millennials. Want to feel really old? Well actress Amy Jo Johnson, who played the original Pink Power Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart, turned 50 on October 6. You read that right. Five and zero. And she is still a very lovely lady (attractive-wise, I don’t know her personally) and I do wish her a very happy belated birthday.

Happy birthday Kimberly. I mean Amy

And while Kimberly started the pink power movement (in America that is, I’m not even attempting to go into the massive Super Sentai stuff) there are a number of other ladies who followed in her fashionable footsteps over the 27 years of the mammoth franchise. And in recent months I got myself caught up on all the Power Rangers series I missed (I originally dropped off around the start of Lost Galaxy) so I thought it would be a perfect time to do a Pink Power Ranger ranking. And while sites like Screenrant have done similar rankings (though some of their choices are questionable in my most humblest of opinions) I thought I would do my own take on it. So with a Megazord-sized SPOILER ALERT, but without further ado, let’s go-go to my ranking of all 15 Pink Power Rangers:

#15 Kimberly Hart from Power Rangers 2017 film (Naomi Scott)

It’s not really fair to compare Kimberly in the 2017 reboot film to the other Pink Rangers as she only had the one movie. But I will say that Scott did a decent job of portraying the popular girl turned pariah who found hope in her fellow misfits.

#14 Karone from Lost Galaxy (Melody Perkins)

Perkins had one of the best redemption stories in the entire franchise as Astronema/Karone, so I was excited to learn Karone stepped in as Pink Ranger after Kendrix died (in real life actress Valerie Vernon had to receive treatment for leukemia). But other than one episode of her literally fighting her demons she had little opportunity to distinguish herself.

#13 Sarah Thompson from Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel (Chrysti Ane)

Sarah is the most recent Pink Ranger but she is also one of the blandest. Other than liking to go fast and looking hot (she is played by a Brazilian actress and fitness model) Sarah was just kind of there.

#12 Mia Watanabe from Samurai/Super Samurai (Erika Fong)

Mia is very sweet and loves to cook but can’t to save her life. Her cooking was more likely to endanger your life. Other than the running gag of her awful cooking Mia did not have much else going for her.

#11 Kendrix Morgan from Lost Galaxy (Valerie Vernon)

Earnest and intelligent Kendrix is best known for being the only regular ranger to die (she is inexplicably brought back to life at the end of the season) and for being a Force ghost-like mentor figure.

#10 Dana Mitchell from Lightspeed Rescue (Alison MacInnis)

If you are going to be saving lives in between kicking demon backside it’s important to have someone with medical expertise. And that’s what Dana brought to the team along with her intelligence and composure. And a ridiculously short skirt as well.

#9 Sydney “Syd” Drew from S.P.D. (Alycia Armstrong)

Syd was the first Pink Ranger of the Power Rangers Disney era (2002-2009) and also the first after a three show hiatus. She was your typical girly girl but could definitely hold her own in a fight. And her prissy nature was a good counterbalance to her fellow female ranger, the streetwise Z.

#8 Kimberly Ann Hart from Mighty Morphin (Amy Jo Johnson)

What? OG Kimberly at number eight?! How dare you Julien. HOW…DARE…YOU. Allow me to explain before you cast me into a lava pit. Now for many people Kimberly was their first Pink Ranger and she is easily the most famous female ranger. And with her beauty, and penchant for skin-tight gymnastic outfits and midriff-bearing tops, she was definitely the source of many, many a crush.

But examine the character without nostalgia/infatuation glasses and you will see Kimberly was nice and all but she was a bit of a shallow Valley girl, especially in her early days. She was actually the most interesting when she turned evil or pretended to be. Remember that time she gave us a screeching Rita impression? Good times. And her romance with Tommy was sweet while it lasted. So while Kimberly’s legacy is forever secure I would be disingenuous to put her closer to the top.

#7 Cassie Chan from Turbo and In Space (Patricia Ja Lee)

I love In Space and for me it is tied with Time Force for my all-time favourite Power Rangers series. And while Cassie did not have that much to do in Turbo after taking over from Kat, she really shone in, well, In Space. Cassie was lovely, quick-witted and optimistic, and a great BFF to Yellow Ranger Ashley. Cass you helped to make In Space epic and for that I am most grateful.

#6 Emma Goodall from Megaforce/Super Megaforce (Christina Masterson)

Full confession: I find actress Christina Masterson gorgeous. And she rocked the hell out of them pink bicycle shorts. But putting my bias aside her character Emma was a kind, nature-loving, photo taking sweetheart. She always saw the best in everyone, including the sometimes conflicted Robo Knight, and was the real heart and soul of her team.

#5 Katherine Hillard from Mighty Morphin, Zeo and Turbo (Catherine Jane Sutherland)

Of all the female rangers Kat has the weirdest back story. If you recall, Rita Repulsa turned her into a cat (get it? Kat was a cat? You get it) and used her to spy on the Rangers. And then she became obsessed with taking Tommy from Kimberly. Real soap opera-type bacchanal. But after breaking Rita’s spell Kat would prove herself as a reliable, thoughtful and dependable friend and fellow ranger.

With her bright blonde hair, deep blue eyes and lovely Australian accent it was no surprise that Tommy eventually fell for her, though they seemed to have forgotten all about that in Turbo. But she holds the distinction of serving on the most individual (if connected) teams and each time wore that pink mantle proud. Of her suits I would say that her space-like Zeo costume with matching shield is my favourite. Kat, you really were the cat’s pajamas.

#4 Rose Ortiz from Operation Overdrive (Rhoda Montemayor)

As a certifiable genius Rose was easily the most academically intelligent of the Pink Rangers, and she used her big brain to help guide the Operation Overdrive team. And she also balanced her head with a whole lot of heart as well, and was one of the bright spots in an uneven season.

#3 Vida “V” Rocca from Mystic Force (Angelyn “Angie” Diaz)

How could you not love Vida? This punk rock DJ was just so assertive, headstrong and sardonic. And she was the first Pink Ranger to say she did not like the colour pink. She was fiercely loyal to her sister Madison and her team, and was one heck of a fearsome fighter. This butterfly could both float and sting. All I can say is Viva la Vida!

#2 Shelby Watkins from Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge (Camille Hyde)

Shelby Watkins was all that and a bag of chips, and had one of the best arcs of the entire franchise. She starts off as quiet and unsure of herself, which was not helped by mentor Kendall Morgan ragging on her. But she grew into herself showing her strength, ingenuity, and assertiveness. Her knowledge of dinosaurs came in handy on multiple occasions, and though she stumbled as she grew she always came out the better for it. At times she acted like a de facto leader of the team, taking charge in the direst of circumstances. And her romantic relationship with Tyler was sweeter than a barrel full of cotton candy. For all these reasons she cops the silver on this list.

#1 Jen Scotts from Time Force (Erin Cahill)

Remember when I mentioned that Screen Rant article ranking the Pink Power Rangers? Well I do agree with their placement of time agent Jen Scotts as number one. Firstly, she should have been the Red Ranger because homegirl was the team leader in every other sense of the word. Superbly acted by Cahill, Jen was a pillar of strength and emotional intelligence. She was absolutely dedicated to her mission of capturing Ransik and the other escaped mutants. And of her highly capable team she was one of the best fighters, even when she had to tussle in that ridiculously short skirt. What is it with Power Rangers and ridiculously short skirts?

But this tough-as-nails fighter also had a softer, more vulnerable side, and it was that side that was exposed when dealing with Wes, the spitting image of her presumed dead future fiancé Alex, and then dealing with the surprise return of the douchey Alex. But this led to the blossoming romance with Wes, making for arguably the show’s best couple. Jen’s arc was just brilliant and she further cemented her awesomeness when she returned for a guest appearance in Wild Force. When it comes to the number one Pink Power Ranger Jen Scotts comes out on top every time.

So that’s my highly subjective list. Now it is time for your voice to be heard (among a mass of other voices, but still) as you vote for your favourite Pink Ranger here:

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