Pauly Shore’s Guest House is an Unfunny Waste of Time

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

Comedy Guest House starring Pauly Shore Encino Man, Son-in-Law).
Rating: 2 out of 10

…Okay I’m kidding about the score…kinda. Guest House tells the story of a young couple who buy a house, only to realise Pauly Shore is squatting in their guest house. Due to the laws of the land siding strongly with tenants they find it impossible to get the drug-crazed hippie to leave. So it becomes a war of ridiculousness between them and their unwanted guest as one tries to get the other to leave.

Hey budddddddddddddddddies

Guest House is what you would get if you sucked all the talent out of Pacific Heights and added (and I use this word ironically) comedy to the story. Pauly Shore has never been funny in my opinion, but his brand of weird seemed to resonate with audiences for a time during the 90s where he would play the freaky friend in films like Encino Man and Bio Dome. He’s still not funny, and unfortunately the other lead actors here are not interesting or charismatic enough to make this story anything but the noise you put on in the background while you do your weekend chores.

Billy Zane (Titanic), Lou Ferrigno) The OG Hulk) and even Steve O (Jackass) all pop up in this movie. And all I could think is they probably had car payments to make.

There’s nothing else left to say about this predictable and unfunny flick except, skip!

Rating: 3.5 out of 10

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