Superman: Man of Tomorrow is an A++ Tale of the Man of Steel

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

They say it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon and boy oh boy, has DC been proving this statement to be true!

DCFandome took my excitement for the upcoming DC Movies to a whole other level, and now Superman: Man of Tomorrow has proven once again they are not only on the right track, they are now neck and neck with Marvel when it comes to putting out content we can thoroughly enjoy.

From the opening animation I was hooked. While past animated films tried to keep a similar look (New 52 to be precise), Man of Tomorrow feels fresh and wondrous to behold. It’s the comic panels come to life, with CGI used the way it should be – to enhance the visuals, not overwhelm them.

My eyes are up here Lois

Just like Matt Reeves has promised to finally give us a movie that focuses on Batman’s intelligence as much as his gadgets, we finally got a movie that focuses on the early days of Clark Kent becoming Superman, and I loved it. He’s goofy and sweet, unsure of his place in the world, yet stoically optimistic. This was everything I wanted to see in Man of Steel but never got.

Young Supes is only the icing on the cake though. One of my favorite anti-heroes, Lobo, is on full display here as well. His personality is perfectly captured in this movie, and his interactions with Lois Lane had me laughing out loud. I also loved what they did with Parasite. A villain who fans may remember showing up on the television show, Superman: The Animated Series, here we get a fully fleshed out backstory that added a sympathetic layer and and depth to what could easily have been a throwaway bad guy. Think Sandman in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3 and you’ll have an idea of what they did here.

LOBO: Bunch of (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted)

No offense to Jerry O’Connell (who has voice Superman/Clark Kent for the past few DCAU movies) but Darren Criss as the character was top notch in my book and Zachary Quinto as Lex Luthor, Alexandra Daddario as Lois Lane and Ryan Hurst as Lobo, just to name a few, all brought fresh energy to these characters for me. Energy that has been missing for quite some time. I hope to hear from them again.

Without being bogged down by trying to force continuity in their storylines, DC has opened up the floodgates and are bringing some of their best comics to life. Deathstroke: Knights and Demons was a solid start but if Man of Tomorrow is any indication, we are going to get some A++ animated movies the likes of which we haven’t seen from them in quite some time.

Well done DC. Keep ’em coming!

Rating: Perfect 10 out of 10 

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