Supernatural Crime Thriller The Legacy of The Bones: Quick Bite Review

Alicia Veliz: Guest Writer

The Legacy of The Bones is the second film of the Baztan Triology written by Dolores Redondo. It is the sequel to the 2017 movie The Invisible Guardian. Actress Marta Etura returns as Amaia Salazar and again has to return to her hometown of Baztan in order to investigate a string of suspicious suicides that happened to be connected to Amaia’s troubling past with her mother.

There are supernatural elements that were merely hinted at in the previous film. However, The Legacy of The Bones really takes it one step further into incorporating more elements of dark witchcraft and its connections with the past. It also involves the conflicts of the evils of humanity manifesting itself and clashing with religious theories of the modern age.

Law and Order: Supernatural Victims Unit

We also get to see more harrowing secrets from Amaia’s past that reveal the troubling explanation behind her tragic relationship with her mother. A warning – it is going to shock you! There are also more adrenaline-driven sequences and close calls to get you on the edge of your seat, and you are going to find yourself thrust headlong into the investigation with Amaia once again.

I absolutely love the development of this character from the previous film and we get to see much more of her sweet husband, James. It is also a plus that they do an exceptionally good job at revealing things about the main character but not too much at the same time for it to be anticlimactic. They are slowly pealing away at layers and gradually feeding the audience clues.

Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head like a new emotion…

The delivery of the movie is powerful enough to hold the audience even during those scenes the viewer might find slightly disturbing, but you just know that you cannot miss a moment of what’s going on otherwise you will not be able to solve the mystery with them.

Amaia kind of reminds me of a darker Nancy Drew. Picture Nancy but with a very effed up past and you will get Amaia. I have always been a huge fan of the thriller mystery genre, and throw into that a dash of supernatural and you have got yourself one suspenseful movie!

There is another plus as this one is available in English on Netflix. So, you do not need subtitles that can distract the viewer from what is going on the screen. Fun fact the third film hit Netflix this year so you can actually have a binge watch session. Look out soon for my review of the final film in the Baztan triology, Offering to the Storm.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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