Action Drama The Rhythm Section Hits the Wrong Note: Quick Bite Review

Alicia Veliz – Guest Writer

The Rhythm Section is an action drama based on a novel of the same name by Mark Burnell. I really wanted to like this one guys but, unfortunately this is not worth watching. There are so many things wrong with this movie that you cannot count them. But let me still give you the lowdown and you can consider it as me taking one for the team.

The plot is not bad and it has great potential but the screenplay and execution killed it. The story follows a young woman named Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively) who lost her entire family in a plane crash. She findA out a few years later that it was not an accident but a sinister part of a terrorist attack. So, here we have the foundation for a great revenge movie to be filled with lots of action, right? Nope, wrong!

I tried so hard to get a connection with Blake’s character but after a while I realised that it was futile. I reached the stage where I felt absolutely nothing, and I really did not care if she survived. And that is unbelievably bad. She made some very stupid decisions and instead of having sympathy for her it angered me to no end. It felt a lot like Lively sleepwalked her way through this role. And not to mention an actor of Jude Law’s experience feeling like mere window dressing in this film. His character was not fleshed out enough for me to even care.

Yeah. The bad guys are definitely over there 

Now let us talk about the action sequences. Just say that I am still waiting for it. Lively’s character is no super spy or assassin so her skills would not be all that. But there was absolutely no improvement to her skills in my opinion. Well, what do you expect if you have an ex-MI6 agent giving you very crappy training exercises, teaching you to shoot a target in the most ridiculous way, and not even preparing you for proper hand to hand combat. You are going to end up looking like a fish flopping around on dry land.

After awhile watching this movie felt like absolute torture to me. There were also these random flashback moments that Lively’s character would get that got to be so brain numbing, and served no purpose other than trying to blackmail the audience into feeling some of the grief that she was experiencing.

So guys in closing I would definitely not recommend this one. It is empty and leaves you unsatisfied. If you want to watch a great revenge movie you are better off checking out John Wick.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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