Mel Gibson’s Hurricane Action Flick ‘Force of Nature’ Fizzles to a Drizzle

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

There’s nothing wrong with a “I’ve seen this done before” action movie. You could argue some of the most fun ones of recent times (Extraction, John Wick, Olympus Has Fallen) were all in their own ways by-the-numbers action flicks. What they are NOT is boring, and that’s the cardinal sin committed by the snooze fest better known as Force of Nature.

Now I’m not even gonna blame Mel Gibson for this. The man has put in his time and whatever he may be in real life (re:dick) he has given us a cornucopia of awesome action movies over the past decades. So if he wants to play a grizzled, sickly old retired cop who does nothing much for half the movie’s runtime, so be it.

Now tell me what everyone else’s excuse was!

So you’re telling me you’ve never seen any of the Lethal Weapon films? Not even the first two? I find that kind of hard to believe 

You’ve got yourself a solid action premise – hurricane on the way. Bunch of generic bad guys decide to use the cover of thunder and lightning to steal something. Good guys gotta stop ’em. That’s fine! I can work with this! But then you throw in some of the most BORING characters ever found in an action movie and on top of that, you have them TALKING for half the GOD DAMN movie about things that have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PLOT!

Emile Hirsch is the least believable hero cop in existence. I would’ve quicker bought him as one of the tenants trapped in the apartment complex, trying to survive. Kate Bosworth is totally wasted as Gibson’s daughter who happens to be a doctor, and they try to shoe-in a romance sub-plot between her and Hirsch, that is about as convincing as Gibson’s apologies to Hollywood. Honestly I found myself zoning out on their moments and just staring at her eyes to pass the time (I wasn’t being weird, she has two different colour eyes in real life). And don’t get me started on the nothing villain and his nothing cronies. I freakin’ LOVED David Zayas in Dexter and the man deserves to get something just as good to do now. Not this pile of horses*&t!

This isn’t even worth your streaming time folks. Just go watch ANY other generic action movie with the word Force in it. You won’t know the difference and ten gets you twenty it’s gonna be more entertaining than this crap.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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