Coffee and Kareem Quick Bite

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

There’s nothing sadder than someone trying way too hard to be funny, and that’s the main problem with Coffee & Kareem.

It’s one of those movies that you know would’ve been a hit with audiences if it dropped ten or even five years ago. But we’ve seen foul-mouthed kids in better movies like Bad News Bears, Stand by Me and most recently, Good Boys. The thing is if it doesn’t feel organic it’s not funny, it’s just annoying, and BOY did I find Kareem annoying! This kid is all the way unlikable and I just wanted him to shut the hell up. Ed Helms seems like he’s on automatic, saying the lines but with none of the heart he showed in The Hangover. But I think the main issue with Coffee & Kareem is they go at the comedy with a sledgehammer when they should have used a scalpel. I honestly laughed once during this whole movie. Once.

TARAJI P: You just shut your mouth, Mr Hungover ED H: It was The Hangover TARAJI P: I said shut it!

Now it’s not all bad, as Betty Gilpin is once again the MVP of this flick. She quarterbacked in The Hunt and once again she is equal parts funny and bad ass in this movie. Also, it’s a Netflix flick so it probably cost me less than a dollar to watch this less than memorable movie.

There’s a built-in audience for this type of movie and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. But for others like myself, you’ll have one eye on it and one eye on your phone the entire runtime.

Score: 5/10

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