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Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

It’s strange how much we fans look forward to DC’s animated movies isn’t it? For the uninitiated, these probably seem silly, just another cartoon. But for long-time fans, we know they can be so much more (Under The Red Hood, Gods and Monsters, Flashpoint Paradox) and for a very long time, they were the closest thing we could get to seeing our heroes in movies.

Unfortunately DC’s reputation for taking iconic graphic novels and turning them into mature, well-written and animated films has been faltering of late (The Killing Joke, Superman/Doomsday, Son of Batman) and unfortunately, at least for this fan, Superman: Red Son is continuing the trend of awesome written stories being turned into average animated fare.

Comrade Batman v Comrade Superman: Dawn of Glorious Revolution Against Filthy Capitalist Swine

Now the voice cast is superb and I actually enjoyed a lot of the art style and cinematography. But alas, that’s where the positives end as Red Son, epic tale of what if Kal-El landed in Russia during the Cold War instead of a farm in Kansas, USA, is butchered to fit the run time. The original tale of absolute power corrupting, the necessity of free will and the shocking (but awesome) twist concerning the relationship between Lex Luthor and Supes is left on the cutting room floor, giving us a hollow shell that will only be entertaining to those who haven’t read the graphic novel.

As a fan of comics, I think DC has some of the best stories you will ever read (seriously, Marvel isn’t even close in this arena), but I don’t think most of them can fit into an hour and a half film. If Superman: Red Son was a limited run series, I’m sure it would’ve been a must-see series. As it is, DC’s latest is just another average flick, to watch and never bother with again.

What a waste.

Score: 5/10

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  1. Comrade Batman v Comrade Superman: Dawn of Glorious Revolution Against Filthy Capitalist Swine – Best.Tagline.Ever!

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