The Hunt Quick Bite

Sharazz Ali – Guest Writer

This must be the dumbest, most unnecessary movie ever made. But I’m so glad that they made it.

Talk about Beyoncé again. I dare yuh. I double dog dare yuh!

I’ve been watching films to past the time recently, not looking at it with a critical eye, thus no long reviews. But this film here, loaded with a barrage of uncalled-for profanity and gratuitous violence, is exactly what we need. It’s dumb on all fronts of filmmaking, as it feels like a B-movie with it’s corny dialogue and Hunger Games-like premise. But coupled with that is some fun gory deaths and an 80s-styled one-man wrecking crew protagonist that you just love to root for, regardless of how unrealistic it is.

If there’s ever a movie that you can just turn off your brain and watch with friends and enjoy, this is it.

Score: 6.5/10

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to guest writer Sharazz Ali for his contribution. He previously was part of our Rise of Skywalker collaboration and we at RMR appreciate having him back. 

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