Brahms: The Boy II Quick Bite

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

So there are iconic killer doll flicks like Puppet Master and Child’s Play and then there are the lackluster ones like Robert and Annabelle (I bet half of you have never even HEARD of Robert). Sadly, Brahms: The Boy II falls squarely in the latter category.

You’re not one of those “possessed by the soul of a serial killer” dolls, are you? Because we had one of those before and it was not fun

I decided to check this out because I actually liked the first movie. It’s one of those flicks where the last 10 minutes saves the entire film. Then I saw the trailer, and like most people who’ve seen Part 1, was utterly confused by what I was looking at as SPOILER ALERT : The doll is just a doll in the first movie and here it seems like there’s more going on.

Well in the words of Admiral Ackbar “It’s a trap!” because like Annabelle, this is another boring, lackluster killer doll movie, that takes WAY TOO LONG to get to the point and doesn’t delivers any real scares.

I give them points for a likeable cast and a strong lead in Katie Holmes, who is trying her utmost best to make this movie seem more terrifying than it is. Also the movie DOES manage to keep you invested, just because you want to know whether the plot is the same as the first movie or not. But alas, Brahms: The Boy II is not worth the effort of putting on pants and leaving your house to go see it.

It’s been an awful 2020 for horror fans so far, with The Grudge, Fantasy Island and now The Boy II all being duds. Here’s hoping we get something really good, really soon.

SCORE : 4 out of 10

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