Fantasy Island Quick Bite Review

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

Well that was an exercise in tedium. To call Fantasy Island a horror movie is like saying an episode of Bold and Beautiful is Shakespeare. I’m sure the age 13-17 crowd and people who don’t watch ACTUAL horror movies will get a scare or two, but for me, this movie was an overly bloated story with WAY TOO many sub-plots and an ending that you’ll see coming a mile away (if you manage to hold on to enough energy to pay attention).

Excuse me ladies. Have either of you ladies seen Tattoo?

I’ll give the movie this – It looks good, with a beautiful location that pays homage to the original tv show and I think it has the potential to be better, in the hands of a director and a studio with the balls to go with an R Rating. The actors are giving their all and the fantasy aspect is well executed ( that CG though).

Otherwise, Fantasy Island is worth streaming or however else you watch your flicks at home ( I ain’t judging).

My fantasy? I wish I saved my money on this one.

Also that ending was maybe a tad racist. Seriously, did the Asian guy HAVE to be that character 🤨

SCORE: 5.5/10

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