Top 5 Zombie Comedies if you love Zombieland

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Zombie movies. There are so many of them, it feels like they’ve become a genre of their own. And surprisingly, unlike other movie monsters like vamps and werewolves (lycans if you’re feeling fancy), they never really went away.

The main reason for that, besides the fact that they can be made for the same cost of a Big Mac and Fries, is that zombie movies can fit into nearly all genres of film.

From dramas (Maggie) and romance (Warm Bodies) to action (World War Z), fantasy (Resident Evil) and even science fiction (Night of the Comet). But the genre that tends to be the best, especially considering zombies are not really that scary any more, is comedy. And when it’s done right, like in 2009’s Zombieland (which is getting a long-awaited sequel subtitled Double Tap October 18), it’s a helluva good time at the movies.



#5 Dead Snow: Red vs Dead

Guten abend Herr. May I have that shiny coin to wash your windows?

I remember the first time I saw this movie way back in ’09. I knew absolutely nothing about it, other than it was another zombie movie, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. This one is about a group of friends who go skiing and end up coming across the weirdest combination of monster you could think of-Nazi Zombies.

They manage to combine two of my favorite types of horror here, as Dead Snow is basically a slasher flick but with zombies. And because this movie is a Norwegian film, they don’t have to pull any punches for the censors. We get some of the most over-the-top, bloody kills in the history of zombie movies, but it’s always done with a sense of humor so you can’t help but laugh your butt off while watching it.

#4 Fido

I swear he’s house-broken

I’m guessing a lot of you missed out on this one. Fido is a 2006 Canadian zom-com (note to self: copyright zom-com) that takes place in the 50’s about radiation from space turning the undead into zombies. Instead of freaking out, like most people would do, a corporation called ZomCon decides to use the undead for menial labor. So a housewife, played by Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) buys a zombie, and her son Timmy names him Fido.

This movie manages to tick all the boxes: it’s funny, touching, satirical and has enough blood and guts to please any gorehounds watching. Think Shaun of the Dead meets Lassie. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I promise you this movie is a must see if you’re a fan of horror with something smart to say.

#3 Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Say “brains!”

One of the more recent zom-coms on this list, Scouts Guide tells the story of three scouts who on the eve of their last camping trip discover they have to use every scout trick they’ve learned to fight off a zombie outbreak in their town.

Think the kids from Superbad and add the undead, and you’ll have an idea of the humor in this movie.

The opening scene is still one of my all-time favorites in a zom-com and the friendship between the three leads is very believable, keeping you invested and genuinely afraid for them during the entire run-time.

It’s a throwback to films like Monster Squad and The Goonies, with adult jokes and gore (of course) but manages to be easy-going enough that you can show it to that one friend every horror fan has who “doesn’t like scary movies”.


#2 Re-Animator

Excuse me sir, do you have any Aspirin?

Now THIS is a classic! Re-Animator stands the test of time as an 80’s horror flick that’s also darkly humorous and over the top ridiculous in its premise and execution.

Jeffrey Combs (The Frighteners/Star Trek) is amazing here and makes Dr Frankenstein seem sane by comparison. The gore, oh boy the gore! If you love practical effects in your horror movies, you won’t be disappointed. And of course there’s the scene everyone remembers this movie for, even those who haven’t actually seen it. Let’s just call it “The Head Scene”. That scene and others all make this movie one of the best zombie comedies ever brought to screen.

#1 Shaun of the Dead

Okay guys. Take it easy. All I said was “Baseball is better than cricket”

As much as I love Re-Animator, I would be lying if I didn’t say the best zom-com out there has to be the movie that introduced most of the world to the dynamic trio of Edgar Wright (Baby Driver/Scott Pilgrim vs The World) Simon Pegg (Star Trek/Mission Impossible franchise) and Nick Frost (Into the Badlands/Attack the Block). As the horror part of the Cornetto trilogy (Google it), Shaun of the Dead is, as the British would say, Bloody Brilliant! Taking the simple premise of an ordinary guy living an uneventful life only to have a zombie outbreak completely disrupt it, this is arguably the best zombie movie ever made, and that’s INCLUDING the movie that started it all, Night of The Living Dead.

Honestly, no one does witty humor like the Brits, so when you add superb directing, pitch-perfect pacing, an all-round stellar cast and of course, memorable zombie kills, you have yourself a movie that can be enjoyed on so many levels, and with multiple viewings. Always imitated (see zom-coms like Cooties, the aforementioned Scouts Guide and yes, even Zombieland), but never, ever duplicated Shaun of The Dead double-taps every other zombie comedy in the head and we all know there’s no coming back from a double-tap!

So if you love zombie movies and TV shows, but you’re burnt out on the same old boring thing over and over again *cough* The Walking Dead *cough*, give these funny takes on your favorite undead monsters a looksee and don’t forget, always go for the head.

Unless it’s the one in Re-Animator. That the kind of head nobody wants.

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