Top 5 Scariest Vehicles in Horror Movies

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

I love classic cars, specifically classic sports cars. Do I know anything about cars? Nope! I don’t know an altimeter from an alternator, but I know what I like. My favorite (and the car I would buy if I won the lottery) is a 1967 Shelby Mustang aka Eleanor. I fell in love with this beauty while watching Gone in 60 Seconds. While action movies are where most of these sexy beasts show up, the horror genre has its share of memorable vehicles too.

From 18 Wheelers (Joy Ride) to RVs (The Hills Have Eyes) and everything in between, these are the devils you can’t outrun. Let’s take a look at the TOP 5 SCARIEST VEHICLES IN HORROR MOVIES:

#5 Maximum Overdrive (Western Star 4800)

horror cars 5
Spidey in some deep sh@# now!

I’ll be the first to admit, this movie is ridiculous. It was directed and written by Stephen King himself and, well, let’s just say it was the 80’s and King was doing more blow than Scarface. The results is this bizarre tale of a comet causing inanimate objects to come to life and straight up murder some folks!

For all its flaws though, I enjoy the campy nature of Maximum Overdrive and one of the main reasons I do, is the Big Rig truck, sporting that giant face of the Green Goblin on the front. It stands out from every other vehicle and I’m positive it’s the one thing most people will remember, if you ask them about this drug-fueled nightmare of a movie.

#4 The Wraith (Dodge M4S)

Horror cars 4
This car looks like it will seduce you, sleep with you and never call you back

Quick! Show of hands all the people who’ve seen this movie. If your hand is up, I’m sending you a virtual high five for being extra awesome! Starring Charlie Sheen (I guess he and his brother Emilio had a thing for horror movies with wheels, as Emilio starred in my No. 5 pick) as a teen who returns from the dead to seek supernatural vengeance on the street racing gang who took his life.

This car is as mysterious as they get, with a sci-fi look and the speed to brutally annihilate anyone and anything that gets in its way. Some people have described this movie as Mad Max meets Knight Rider. All I know is like the titular car itself, this movie amps up and doesn’t slow down until the end. It’s worth seeing for the final race alone. Fast and Furious, eat your heart out!

#3 Jeepers Creepers (1941 Chevrolet COE)

horror cars 3
Mater is that you?

With a license plate that says BEATNU, you just know this is the last truck you wanna come across on a lonely back road. But that’s just what happens to Darry and Trish, as they try to make it home from college. The Creeper is the stuff of nightmares, so of course he has to have the wheels to match.

In the sequels this truck is shown to be even more terrifying on the inside with booby-traps galore. Once you hitch a ride from this driver, your destination is a one way ticket to hell.

#2 NOS4A2 (1938 Rolls Royce Wraith)

horror cars 2
I vant to siphon your oil. Bleh bleh bleh

Speaking of destinations, how ‘bout a trip to Christmasland, where it’s Christmas all year round and the only thing you have to worry about is losing your mind, or being brutally murdered by zombie kids. Dealer’s choice!

That’s where Charlie Manx will take you (or your kids to be more specific) if he ever gets you inside of his pristine one-of-a-kind Rolls Royce Wraith. What’s more terrifying than an immortal killer? How about one with a car that has a psychic link to the owner and will go to any lengths to protect him.

Throw in a vanity plate like NOS4A2 (Nosferatu anyone?) and this is one vehicle you might want to think twice about leaning up against to get that awesome pic for the ‘Gram.

#1 Christine (1958 Plymouth Fury)

Horror cars 1
*Cue hard rock soundtrack*

She made my No. 1 of the Top 10 Cursed Objects in Movies (see link below) and she’s taking the prize here once again.

While the other cars on this list are being controlled by a driver (or a comet for some reason), Christine was born bad.

From her first moments off the assembly line, when she kills a line worker at the car factory, straight up to her obsession with Arnie, the young man who was unfortunate enough to purchase her, this Plymouth Fury lives up to its name. Christine also makes the Terminator look like an evil blender, as even Arnie couldn’t self-repair damage done to his exoskeleton.

Silver lining, you’ll never have to file an insurance claim!

So the next time you call for an Uber, maybe take a good, long look at the car you’re getting into. If it’s a classic, looks like it might be from outer space or has any kind of giant face on the outside, might I suggest a nice brisk walk instead?

Until next time, Vroom Vroom folks!

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