Top 5 Bad-Ass Moms in Horror Movies

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

Last weekend, we all got together to celebrate our own personal superheroes, our Moms. Being part-demon myself, I started thinking about Moms in horror movies. When they’re evil (Mother’s Day/People under the Stairs/Psycho) they’re REALLY messed up and when they’re good, they’re friggin’ awesome!


#5 Karen Barclay (Child’s Play)

MD 5
So you’re telling me Chucky stole my credit card and ordered the life-sized Barney doll?

Here’s to the hard-working single Mamas out there. Karen Barclay is one of those Moms who doesn’t get to spend as much time with her kid, Andy, as she would like. But it doesn’t mean she’s not on the ball as to what his birthday wish is. And, even if she has to scratch together every cent and give it to some homeless guy to get the last Good Guy Doll available, she’s a Mom who makes birthday wishes come through!

It’s not her fault the damn thing is possessed by a serial killer! This was before Amazon people; she couldn’t check the reviews.


#4 Pamela Vorhees (Friday the 13th)

MD 4
Kill kill kill, ma ma ma

My Mom once told me, “If anyone ever hurts you, come and tell me. Mommy will sit in prison for you, no problem”. I think I was seven and this scared the beejesus out of me, especially as she was smiling while she said it.

Pamela Voorhees would probably get along swimmingly with Mi Madre, as she also has no qualms with taking out some fools who messed with her baby boy Jason. She even kick started her son’s franchise. When was the last time YOUR Mom gave you a movie franchise? Huh?!?

#3 Donna Trenton (Cujo)

MD 3
You wanna play fetch? Let’s play fetch!

Donna Trenton (played by horror icon Dee Wallace) represents the side of our Moms we don’t really appreciate, until we’re adults ourselves: The Mama Bear.
She fights with every little thing available to her and every bit of strength she has to protect her son from a rabid dog.

She sacrifices her own needs to see her son get the last bit of water they have left, and when she realises help will not come in time to save him, she does what Mama Bears have done from the beginning of time­­­­­­­‒she stands her ground and fights to save them herself. That’s one tough Mama.


#2 Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph Queen (Aliens)

MD 2
Carol had never been challenged before in a PTA meeting, so when Ellen said we should have a bake sale instead of a cake sale the entire room become tight with tension

I call this one a tie.

While most people will instantly recognize Ripley as a maternal character  (“get away from her your bitch!” is one of the most iconic lines out there) I think props should also go to the Queen. She’s dropping eggs left and right and as far as she’s concerned, these “creatures” are killing HER babies!

So what are two mothers to do? MAMA-BRAWL-TO-THE-DEATH of course!


#1 Laurie Strode (Halloween H2O/ Halloween 2018)

MD 1
Take off your mask Michael. HOLY CRAP! PUT IT BACK ON! PUT IT BACK ON! You make Jason Vorhees look like Leonardo DiCaprio!

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a bad-ass Mother and Grandmother called Laurie Strode!

I can’t think of any other horror franchise (maybe Nancy in New Nightmare), where we get to see our heroine truly grow up and become a parent and even a grandparent. The trauma of the horrors she’s faced gave us a woman who was plagued by fear, doubt and rage. But she proves that a Mother’s love is the only weapon (well, that and a rifle or axe) you need to take out any big bad that dares come after your family. Laurie is no easy victim as she makes Michael Myers work for it.

Laurie fought pass her demons in H20 to protect her son and, when his ass got retconned, her daughter in Halloween 2018. In the latest film she’s still damaged by her history with The Shape, but she also has that determination and strength only Mama Bears have when it comes to anyone (or anything) dumb enough to come between them and their cubs.

So here’s to all the real life, bad-ass Moms out there, who are willing to go to any lengths for their kids when they’re battling monsters, real or otherwise.

Seriously, go call your Mom and tell her you love her!

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  1. Great article, Pamela Vorhee Definitely kicks some butt, my favourite mother is a horror would probably be Mama Sawyer from Texas Chainsaw or desperate not being a biological mother Mama from Mama

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