Incredibles 2 is Fun for All: Spoiler Free Review in 3 Slices

So everybody and their mother and their mother’s mother have been saying how fantastic Incredibles 2 was and how it was worth the 14-year wait between films. Well I saw it and you know what? You know what?! It is fantastic and it was worth the 14-year wait between films.

Incredibles 2 picks up directly after the original and finds the super-powered Parr family battling a new mysterious villain, advocating for superhero rights and dealing with the every day problems of a family with enhanced abilities. Here is my spoiler free view in three slices:

Slice #1 – Jack-Jack will crack-crack you up-up

Incredibles 2
If Jack-Jack’s antics can’t put a smile on your face you may be legally dead. You should have that checked out

One of the best things about this film is that it maintains the tone of the first. It is colourful and light enough to appeal to children while still serious enough to appeal to adult audiences. And there is just something comforting in returning to this franchise. The world is so vibrant, bright and bursting with life, personality and lovable characters.

The franchise has always been more action-comedy than comedy-action (more on the action in slice number three) but Incredibles 2 delivers its fair share of laughs including with Mr Incredible trying to keep his house running while Elastigirl is out being a hero. But the comedy device that keeps on giving is the adorable Jack-Jack. The bouncing, multi-powered baby gets in a variety of wild situations and hilarity inevitably ensues to the delight of grandparents, grandkids and everyone in between. You wanted more Jack-Jack; Incredibles 2 gives you more Jack-Jack.

Slice #2 – Star girl Elastigirl

Incredibles 1
I ride a motorbike now. Motorbikes are cool

The original film focused mainly on Mr Incredible and his secret heroics in the early part but for the sequel it is Elastigirl’s time to shine. And the strong, smart, sensible character, again voiced by the very talented Holly Hunter, holds her own as a lead. Her elastic powers make for some exciting solo action that would make Mr Fantastic positively green with envy. It’s not a stretch to say that throwing the baton to the Incredibles matriarch was a wise decision. You saw what I did there, and you liked it!

Slice #3 – Superhero throw down

Incredibles 3
We are family, oh yeah, stop dem villains, save the city

The first Incredibles came out before the advent of the MCU and the DCEU and at a time of great superhero films like Spider-Man 2 and Hellboy and abysmal superhero fare like Blade: Trinity and Catwoman. Fourteen years and multiple superhero movies later writer/director Bard Bird had his work cut out for him to craft a fresh story about super people in tights. But Kudos to Bird for crafting a truly original superhero story that does not feel like a rehash of the first or other superhero films, and serves the beloved characters well. The new villain is no Syndrome (but seriously, who can be) but had an interesting motivation and cool presentation.

And as a superhero film fan what I enjoyed most was all the powers shown in the film. All the super characters, new and old, and all the many abilities interacting with each other made for a magnificent smackdown and quite simply 12 flavours of awesome sauce. Shout out to my boy Frozone (voiced by bad mother shut your mouth Samuel L. Jackson) who proved why he is the coolest cat in this franchise. Mr Bird please take a bow — you delivered the Incredibles film we wanted and then some. And if the third entry can maintain this level of quality we don’t mind waiting another 14 years. Or less. Please let it be less.

Rating: Incredibles 2 gets 5/5 Jack-Jack poops.

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