Paul Pryce’s The Deliverer Looks Powerful (Trinidad and Tobago)

So I have not done a trailer review in a real long time but I had to do one for The Deliverer. The crime drama is set in Trinidad and Tobago and is penned by and stars TT-born, New York City-based actor/writer Paul Pryce (TV series Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Unforgettable).

Pryce plays a fisherman opposing a government’s attempts to destroy his village. In his desperation he makes a deal to traffic cocaine in fishing boats between Trinidad and neighbouring Venezuela. It is directed by Ron Morales and the cast includes Marvin Ishmael, Evelyn Caesar Munroe, Leslie-Anne Levine and veteran TT actor Michael Cherrie. 

The Deliver inset

Pryce in a scene from The Deliverer

I am really, really, ridiculously excited by this trailer. From the few scenes of Pryce you get a sense of the passion and earnestness he has imbued this character with. It looks like he has poured a lot into this man at his wits’ end and I definitely want to see more. The scene with him laying on the ground and being beaten up is enough for me to dip in my wallet.

The tone of the film also looks spot on and I am loving the tense atmosphere. There are also some sweet looking wide and aerial shots which give the film a welcome breadth. The Deliverer is scheduled to be released in 2019 and I am eagerly looking forward to it.

From an excitement scale of 1 – Don’t Give a Crap to 5- Shut Up and Take My Money it gets a 5. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the trailer below:

For the film’s Facebook page you can click here. And for my review of Trinidad and Tobago migrant smuggling crime drama Moving Parts you can click here.


  1. Thank you Red Mango Reviews for the glowing vote of confidence about The Deliverer. The team really appreciates the feedback and the wonderful endorsement. We’ll be screening AT THE Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival in September of this year. We are extremely excited about that. Please encourage your followers to like us on Facebook and to check out our website for more info on the project.

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