Musical comedy Trapped in an Elevator (Barbados)

Trapped in an Elevator may sound like a video sequel to R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet, but it is actually a musical comedy drama short from Barbados. Written, produced, directed and starring Rommel Hall it is the tale of a Christian man who forgot his wife’s birthday because he was so caught up with his ministry work. When he goes to her office to deliver his apology gift package he gets stuck in an elevator with five seemingly regularly people. But the claustrophobic setting squeezes out relationship issues and deep, dark secrets. Here is my brief and spoiler free review:

Rommel Hall
Director Rommel Hall

On paper Trapped in the Closet should not really work. It is a story told mostly in an operatic style though it is only one tune and it gets somewhat repetitive musically. The drama is at the level of melodrama; hall’s character describes it as a bad episode of Days of Our Lives but it is more akin to the Bajan version of a Spanish telenovela. And the Christian messages are somewhat heavy handed.

But there is an earnestness, charm and craziness which makes the flawed film a moderately enjoyable experience. The acting is hammy but it works with the faux soap opera feel. There is a wit to the dialogue and it delivers a few punchy one liners, notably from the smart mouthed teenager character. And as the revelations and twists got wilder and wilder it did elicit some fulsome belly laughs. I will admit I had a fun time getting trapped in this elevator.

Rating: Trapped in an Elevator gets 2.5/5 shocking twists

For a comedy short from Trinidad you can check out Flying the Coup here. Trapped in an Elevator is available for viewing on CaribbeanTales-Tv.

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