Top 5 Iconic Weapons in Horror Movies (featuring Moviejunkies)

So it’s been awhile but we are pleased as rum punch to have another horror list from our good friend Moviejunkies. Take it away MJ:

Dracula has his fangs, Godzilla has atomic breath and Frankenstein’s Monster has those ass kicking boots (seriously, did you see the heels on those things?!)

Like the Kardashians, every villain needs his accessories, to complete that iconic look. So let’s take a look at my Top 5 Iconic Weapons in Horror Movies:

#5 Death Sphere – Phantasm

I think I want a refund on this snow globe

What is this thing? Belonging to the Tall Man the sphere(s), correct name Sentinel Sphere, is controlled by his mind and sends his shiny balls after you (heh) and stabs you in the brains with ’em.

By the way, have you seen those YouTube vids, where people are turning foil into shiny spheres? How long do you think before someone figures out how to attach blades to those things?

Worse game of catch, ever.

#4 Flamethrower – The Thing

It’s getting hot in hurr

Because no horror list is complete without this movie on it, a flamethrower is one of those weapons that seem like an awesome idea, until you stop and think, “I have a tank of pressurized gas strapped to my ass.”

Fire was the only weakness this alien entity had though and Kurt Russell as McCready made this weapon look cool as hell, so it’s a win!

#3 Chainsaw – The Evil Dead/Texas Chainsaw Massacre

He gives new meaning to the term “face off”

We get both sides of the coin here, as the chainsaw can be used both against evil (Ash vs Deadites) or for it (Leatherface vs Hippies).

I think what makes this one of the more terrifying items on this list is the sound it makes messes with you, just as much as the weapon itself. It’s loud, it’s big and heavy and it seems impossible to block or defend against.

So while Jason was all about sneaking up on campers with a quick and quiet chop here and there, you would hear Leatherface long before you saw him and his trusty chainsaw probably made you crap yourself before you got turned into tenderloins. Can’t say I blame you.

#2 Machete – Friday the 13th

I’m gonna chop you up, Mama said chop you up

In my native country this is known as a cutlass. A versatile tool used to cut sweet sugar cane, clean out tall grassy areas, or ‘planass’ the crap out of the local thief who keeps sneaking INTO MY YARD AND STEALING MY MANGOES SHAUN! Apologies. I got a bit distracted there.

I think Jason started killing people with a machete, as an ode to dear old Mom, Pamela, who also wielded the blade in part one and who ultimately, lost her head (literally) because of it.

Peanut Butter and Jelly, Bacon and Eggs, Jason Voorhees and his trusty Machete.

You just can’t have one without the other.

Also, for those wondering WTF is a “planass” it’s when you beat someone with the broad/flat side of a cutlass, because you want to put the fear of God in them, but you also have tickets to see Infinity War and you don’t wanna go to prison.

#1 The Glove – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Little known fact — Freddy moonlights as an acupuncturist. #themoreyouknow

Is there ANY weapon more instantly recognizable than Freddy’s Glove! Even if you have never seen a single Nighymare on Elm Street movie, I bet you know exactly what it looks like and where it’s from.

He made it himself out of sheet metal, pipes, fishing knives, rivets, and an old leather work glove. Now that’s craftsmanship!

What also makes this weapon a cut above the rest (see what I did there?) is it’s an extension of Krueger. Unlike most of the other killers out there, Freddy has a flair for the dramatic, a charisma all his own, and he uses the glove to punctuate every slick one liner he delivers. Also, to puncture your vital organs, so…yeah. Multitasking everyone!


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