Flarrowverse Friday Recap Nov 18: Alien Parasites, Speed Gods, Lethal Vigilante and Jonah Hex!

After a Flash-less Flarrowverse last week we were back to full strength this week with four mostly solid episodes. And anticipation continues to build for the mammoth 4 night crossover starting on November 28 (see cover photo).

But on to current proceedings. With a huge SPOILER ALERT here is the recap:

Supergirl S2E6 Changing

You’re one ugly mother…

The writer of this episode must be a fan of John Carpenter’s The Thing as the start of the episode featured many of the same elements: a Norwegian arctic facility, an alien in a Husky and an alien hiding in a human. My main issue was them letting the sole survivor go and not keeping him under quarantine. I believe the “D” in DEO stands for “Department” and not “Dumb”.

Anywho I really liked the freaky look of Parasite, a power/energy absorbing comic villain, and his battles with J’onn and Supergirl. J’onn gets a blood transfusion from M’gann so apparently white and green martians are blood compatible. When J’onn finally does find out the truth this will be another reason for him to get green with rage.

It’s now who I am on the inside that matters, but what I do that defines me

We also got to see Jimmy in his Guardian suit with Winn as his techie sidekick and it was suh-weet. I love the look, the gadgets and the cool bike. It was also great seeing Mon El step and try to be heroic for once. I like that guy.

In non-action news Alex comes out to Kara and then gets rejected from hot Indian cop lady. I did not see that coming guys. Nice twist.

The Flash S3E6 Shade

Is this the set for Transformers: The Last Knight?

After a not so impressive first few episodes Flash is finally picking up some speed (pun definitely intended). Cisco outs Caitlyn’s frost powers (not cool man) and she continues on her path to Killer Frost which will culminate in next week’s episode. Wally gets whammied by Alchemy and starts acting like a cry baby. He grabbed the secret stone at the end so he will likely get his powers, though with some terrible cost. Hopefully he will stop being so whiny.

And while I was disappointed that Shade was a throwaway villain I wa super excited by the debut of Savitar aka the God of Speed. The dude is so fast only Barry could see him at first. And sure he looks like a Transformer but a really cool Transformer. I do hope he is not the big bad though as three speedster big bad son in three seasons is redundant redundant redundant.

In non-action news Joe finally went out with hot cop lady and Wells 3 will be out and about thanks to his handy dandy face changer which I am sure will be used in a future episode to trick some baddie.

Arrow S5E7 Vigilante

This town ain’t big enough for two super cool looking vigilantes

‘Arrow’ continued its stellar run this week with the episode “Vigilante”. The team goes against a new unnamed vigilante who likes to deal with criminals in a very permanent manner. Some really great action and I thoroughly enjoy seeing the new team kick butt. And the stuff with Diggle, Rene and John Jr. was all of the feels.

Try the sausage. Trust me. It is berry good

The flashback this week was a bit meh, though it moved along the plot to reveal that the Bratva (or some of them) betrayed Oliver to Kovar and Kovar has island lady’s mother working as a maid. But the biggest twist came in current day when it was revealed that Artemis had been working with Prometheus all along. Say what?!

Legends of Tomorrow S2E6 Outlaw Country

Dead or alive you’re coming with me!

On Legends we returned to the Old West this week and the super cool Jonah Hex. But overall the episode did not really blow me away. Turnbull was a lackluster villain and the plot was a bit of a snooze. I did enjoy Nate and his train stopping antics though and I was glad to know that Ray will be rebuilding his suit. And I did like seeing the growing relationship between Vixen and Heatwave. Who’s shipping Vixwave? Hands?

There is no new episode next week which was kind of obvious by the ending going straight into the December 1 crossover episode “Invasion”. And that I am very, very excited for.

So which Flarrowverse episode was your favourite this week? Feel free to comment below. 

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