Top 5 Chappelle’s Show Characters

After spending about a decade out of the limelight comedian Dave Chappelle returned to television last Saturday as host of ‘Saturday Night Live’. In one sketch he parodied the Season 7 Premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ and as the villain Negan threatened a number of characters (also played by Chappelle) from his sketch comedy show ‘Chappelle’s Show’.

This sketch got me feeling all nostalgic about ‘Chappelle’s Show’ (2003-2006) and all the funny, irreveverent and politically incorrect characters the comedian brought to life. Here is my Top 5 list:

#5 Clayton Bigsby

Black…I mean white power!

Clayton Bigsby is blind African American who believed all his life that he was white and becomes a white supremacist. It does not get more politically incorrect than this but you cannot help but laugh at Chappelle’s style and wit. And when Bigsby learns that he is indeed black? He divorces his white wife for being a n—-r lover. Only you Dave Chappelle. Only you.

#4 Lil Jon

What? What?!

One of two real people on this list, Chappelle’s parody of rapper Lil Jon is a three trick pony but I’ll be darned if it is not some funny tricks. The “what?”, “okay” and “yeahhhhh” catchphrases never get old and hearing Lil Jon suddenly start speaking like some erudite¬†uuniversity professor is always good for a laugh.

#3 Andy “Silky” Johnson

Your mother’s so ugly she went to watch horse racing and placed second

The Player Haters Ball is one of the show’s funniest sketches. It features a bunch of pimps trading awful verbal barbs. One of the best player haters is Chappelle’s Andy “Silky” Johnson whose insults are lightning fast, blistering and gut busting.

#2 Rick James

Check out my sweet ring!

I’m Rick James b—h! This is the best known catchphrase of the show’s entire run. How popular is it? In the US a politician named Rick James had his “Vote Rick James” signs defaced with “Vote Rick James b—-h”.

Chappelle’s hyperactive, over the top and cocaine loving version of the late singer is a laugh a minute riot. Chappelle’s parody of singer Prince also receives an honourable mention. Pancakes?

#1 Tyrone Biggums

Is that crack I hear?

While the Rick James sketch produced the show’s most popular catchphrase the best character was crack cocaine addict Tyrone Biggums. With his high pitched voice, bright red hat, bleached white lips and constant scratching Tyrone was instantly recognizable. Whether gleefully eating disgusting things on ‘Fear Factor’, giving a completely inappropriate speech to school children or as the spokesperson for cocaine-infused energy drink “Red Balls”, Tyrone Biggums was lovable, ridiculous and hilarious. And of all the ‘Chappelle’s Show’ characters he is the most memorable.

Did I leave out any of your favourite ‘Chappelle’s¬†Show’ characters? Feel free to comment below.

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