Flarrowverse Friday Recap Nov 11: A Hero Rises, Enemies Unite, Dolph Freakin’ Lungren, and 4 Night Crossover Teaser

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We have a truncated Flarrowverse Friday Recap this week as the US Election preempted ‘The Flash’ but it was still a fun time with James Olsen trying out the hero game in ‘Supergirl’, 80s/90s action star Dolph Lungren showing up on ‘Arrow’ and seeing the Legion of Doom begin to form on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. And we also got a teaser for the major four night crossover!

As always here is your SPOILER ALERT for all episodes this week. Now let’s do this thang:

Supergirl S2E5 “Crossfire”

I got the juice now fool!

In ‘Supergirl’ this week anti-alien group Cadmus is again up to no good and gives a bunch of alien superweapons to a group of hoodlums. The hoods were pretty disposable but I liked that the technology was too much for Supergirl to handle. A vulnerable hero is a more relatable hero. And we also received the big twist that the Cadmus leader is DUNH DUNH Lena Luthor’s mother. What a twist!

In non-action news Kara attempting to turn Mon El into a clone of her was hilarious and I definitely feel the two will be getting together eventually. And, no surprise there, Alex has announced that she is a lesbian and will likely will be getting together with hot Indian cop lady.

James: This looks like a job for James Olsen. Supergirl: What did you say? James: Oh nothing

Now onto James “Jimmy” Olsen. Now I have not been a fan of the character on the show and I found he and Kara had zero chemistry when they were trying to make that romance happen. But I must say I am liking this story arc of him wanting to become a vigilante hero. It makes him a thousand times more interesting. And of course Winn, the Cisco of National City, will be building his costume for him to become comic hero Guardian (see Deadline photo below).

Steel? Who’s Steel? I’m Guardian sucka!

Arrow S5E6 “So it begins”

This town ain’t big enough for two archers!

On ‘Arrow’ the mystery of villain Prometheus continued to deepen. He went on a random killing spree which turned out to not be random at all. The names of two of the victims were anagrams of two of Oliver’s victims from his list of baddies which he received from his late dad back in Season 1. Oliver also has to reveal the list to his sidekicks and they have to wrap their minds around following a hero he used to be a stone cold killer.

The action was decent and I liked the battle between Artemis and Prometheus on the train. The parachute arrow looked a bit campy though. At the end we had the revelation that Quentin Lance is Prometheus, or at least has the same wound Prometheus received. But if you notice Prometheus never talked during the episode leading me to believe that Lance may have been under some mind control. I still subscribe to the theory that the mysterious villain is a resurrected Tommy Merlyn.

The Lunge is back baby!

In flashback news I must say I am enjoying the Russia story line. It is dark and atmospheric and exciting. This week Oliver and another Bratva operative are kidnapped by Kovar, the man Ollie had pledged to kill. And, wouldn’t you know it, Kovar is played by none other than Dolph Lungren, star of films like Rocky IV and Universal Soldier. And as Kovar, Lungren was so cool and cold and calculating. I have not been a fan of the flashbacks since Season 2 but I must say, showrunners, you are impressing me here. Cheers to Mother Russia. *clinks shot glasses of Vodka*

Legends of Tomorrow S2E5 “Compromises”

The Distinguished Gentlemen of Justice

And finally in our recap we come to ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. This week our heroes went to the late 80s to stop Damien Darkh from some scheme involving the KGB. I loved the odd couple stuff with Ray and Mick, Sara choosing to be a leader rather than give into vengeance and Citizen Steel kicking all kinds of backside. I also enjoyed the Vixen subplot and the return of Obsidian, played by the inimitable Lance Henriksen. This was definitely the week for cool 80s/90s guest stars.

My favourite part of the episode though was the Damien Darkh scenes and Neal McDonough is always fantastic in the role. We get a couple scenes between Darkh and Reverse Flash and the initial formation of the Legion of Doom, whose later members will include Malcolm Merlyn and Captain Cold. Reverse Flash has a time machine and uses it to take Darkh for a ride to who knows when. And I presume next week we will find out what was in that black box. What’s in the box? What’s in the box?! I must say the show has been firing on all cylinders this season and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

4 Night Crossover

This week we also got a teaser for the nerdgasm-inducing 4 night Flarrowverse crossover. It begins on November 28, or three weeks away, and will start with ‘Supergirl’ and then continue with ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’, and conclude with ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. In the teaser (linked below) we see Supergirl meeting members of Team Arrow and Legends; she previously met Barry in the Supergirl crossover episode “World’s Finest”.

The promo mentions “heroes vs aliens” and is based on the “Invasion” storyline in the DC comics. I am uber excited for the crossover and I think it is one of the most epic things to ever happen in the history of comic book television. I will be doing daily reviews of each (hopefully) epic episode. See you then and also next week for our regular Flarrowverse Friday recap.

So what are you most looking forward to in the 4 Night Crossover? Feel free to comment below.

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