Flarrowverse Fridays Recap Oct 28: Martians, Mirrors, Sidekicks and Shoguns

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I am a huge fan of the DC comic shows appearing on the CW, ‘Supergirl’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Arrow’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, which are collectively known as the “Flarrowverse”. With four shows every week I decided to put them together into one post and hence the very first “Flarrowverse Fridays”.

I will be discussing spoilers in each show so a SPOILER ALERT is in order. Let’s do this thing:

#1 Supergirl S2E3 “Welcome to Earth”

She called me Supergirl, hehehe

On ‘Supergirl’ this week we were introduced to two very powerful ladies. First we met the President of the United States who was played by original Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter. That “other jet” line was cute. The immigration/registration storyline was a bit obvious but I did like when Kara realised her own bias against Mon-El, who I feel might be a possible love interest. They also seem to be setting something up with Alex and the lesbian cop lady.

The action in the episode was decent though I thought the fire woman was underdeveloped. In CatCo news, though I miss Cat the grumpy Snapper is starting to grow on me and it was also good seeing Jimmy man up and take charge.

She looks good in green. She’ll probably look good in any colour though

At the end of the episode it was revealed that the President is an alien herself, though whether she is good or evil is anyone’s guess. But the even bigger surprise was when Martian Manhunter met M’Gann M’orzz, aka comic superheroine Miss Martian, played by Sharon Leal. With Superman for the last couple episodes and now Miss Martian the show is playing some of their big guns early, and I am not complaining. Next week’s episode is the inevitable “fight club” story and it looks like a fun time.

#2 The Flash S3E4 “The New Rogues”

Bonnie & Clyde ain’t got nuthen on us baby!

This week on ‘Flash’ we met popular comic rogue Mirror Master and a gender bent version of the villain Top. The best part was seeing Jessie Quick in uniform and her teaming up with Flash against the Rogues. The Mirror Master effects were okay but I expected a bit more pizzazz.

I enjoyed the canoodling between Jessie and Wally and Barry’s awkwardness over his PDA with Iris was at hilarious heights. It was sad to see Harrison and Jesse leave, even temporarily, and of course replacement Wells is going to have a secret agenda. He’s a Harrison Wells for goodness sake! Next week there is some giant alien looking monster. Good times.

#3 Arrow S5E4 “Penance”

Dude! Do you even wash those rags?! You smell like garbage truck water!

‘Arrow’ this week was the best episode of the season so far. The Russian flashback was cool though it is still strange looking back at when Ollie was in killer mode. The breakout of Diggle was intense even if they stole the “skyhook” escape from The Dark Knight. It will be interesting to see how Diggle fits into the new team dynamic.

But the best part of the episode was seeing the sidekicks in action again, especially Ragman and his cool effects. I thought Evelyn Sharp was going to be the new Black Canary but it was confirmed this episode that she would be the comic character Artemis which is still cool. Rene aka Wilddog, and the audience, learned that Tobias Church is not someone to be messed with. Stay safe Rene. Team Arrow is coming to get you. And that District Attorney Adrian is so a secret villain he might as well be wearing a black cowboy hat.

#4 DC Legends of Tomorrow S2E3 “Shogun”

They do not know who they are messing with!

Surprise surprise the Flarrowverse episode that I enjoyed the most this week was ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Maybe I am a sucker for samurai and shogun stories. I loved the costuming, the scenery and the protecting villagers story line. And of course Mick is going to be a fan of ninjas. Who isn’t? And nothing, I mean nothing, was cooler than seeing White Canary slash a bunch of evil samurai to bits. “Basically a ninja”? You are so a ninja. I also like how Vixen is integrating into the team and her like/hate relationship with Mick.

This is huge! This is colossal! Get it? Colossal? You get it

The shogun stealing Ray’s suit was a cool twist though how it fit him so perfectly is a bit of a plot hole. I also enjoyed the Nathan Heywood/Citizen Steel story line. I thought he had good chemistry with the female guest star.  His was the classic hero’s journey and it was fun seeing him finally get a hold of his powers after repeatedly getting his backside whopped. Master Yoda would be proud. Next week we’ll probably learn more about the secret room and Barry Allen’s secret message from 2056. And it’s the Legends vs Civil War zombies! Sounds like a great time to me.

So which Flarrowverse episode was your favourite this week? Feel free to comment below.

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