In the End…Top 9 Doctor Who Finales + Vote for your Favourite

Recently I was feeling for some Doctor Who so I put on “Journey’s End” the series/season 4 finale and had a ball of a time. But it got me thinking about all the NuWho finales we have had over the years.

So for this edition of “So Who Saturday” we will be counting down the Top 9 finales; Christmas and other specials will not be included. And of course, a SPOILER ALERT is in order. Allons-Y, Geronimo and let’s go:

#9 Series 3 – The Last of the Time Lords

Do you have any hard candy?

This finale was a whole lot of flash and not a lot of bang. The Master was fun but a bit too hammy and the weird old man Doctor was just unsettling. And everyone saying Doctor for him to regain himself was something akin to wishing in Peter Pan. It just did not work.

#8 Series 5 – The Big Bang

the big bang.jpg

The Eleventh Doctor had some fantastic premiere episodes but the same cannot be said for his finale episodes. In “The Big Bang” the alternate Earth was interesting visually but there was no clear villain and it all seemed a bit muddled. And the resolution was way too easy.

#7 Series 6 – The Wedding of River Song


Steven Moffat went with yet another alternate Earth story for this finale. But at least we had action with the Silents (the aliens), we got deeper into the plans of the Silence (the evil group) and we got to see the Doctor and River get married. Too tweet. And eye patches are cool.

#6 Series 9 – Hell Bent

Oh yeah!

After the fantastic “Heaven Sent” this follow up was a bit disappointing. It was great seeing the Doctor return to Gallifrey and interact with the Time Lords but not so great seeing him act so much out of character just to save Clara. The end stuff with Clara at the fake diner was lovely though.

#5 Series 8 – Death in Heaven

Something smells funky

The Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi makes his second appearance on this list with this finale. We had scary Cybermen, Clara pulling a fake out and Michelle Rodriguez fantastically wicked as Missy. Throw in Danny’s heroic sacrifice and even a sort of cameo from Classic Who companion the Brigadier and you have a pretty solid finale.

#4 Series 4 – Journey’s End

Great job guys

At number four we have the Series 4 finale. I really love “Journey’s End”. I had nerdgasms seeing Captain Jack, Sarah Jane, Rose, Mickey, Martha and Donna all together. Even Jackie had some nice moments. The return of Davros was epic and all the Daleks was a credible threat. Unfortunately the Donna ex machina and all the techno babble to resolve the conflict felt slightly like cheating. And the return to Bad Wolf Bay with the Meta Crisis Doctor was a pale imitation of “Doomsday”. The Doctor taking all Donna’s memories still gets me in the feels though.

#3 Series 7 – The Name of the Doctor

What the heck’s this leaf doing here?

What an epic finale this was. We start off with that wonderful flashback to the Clara incarnation with the First Doctor. Nerdgasm! We had the freaky and terrifying Whisper Men, the bombast of the Great Intelligence and the return of River in one of her best and most touching appearances.Multiple Nerdgasms! And then at the end the reveal of the War Doctor. I was out of nerdgasms by then but still wonderful.

#2 Series 1 – The Parting of the Ways

Can you see me now? Good

As we are about to come in for a landing we go all the way back to the Series 1 finale and what a finale it was. I think in all of Doctor Who this was the episode where the Daleks felt like the most credible threat and the Doctor felt like he was at his most vulnerable. And unlike the Doctor/Donna in “Journey’s End” Rose becoming Bad Wolf felt earned and was one of the most epic moments of all NuWho. And then we had the Doctor’s sacrifice and regeneration into the Tenth. As the Ninth Doctor would say – fantastic!

#1 Series 2 – Doomsday

Doctor come back, any kind of fool could see, I was wrong and I just can’t live without you

During a 50th anniversary viewing party this was the episode we chose to watch after. And why? “Doomsday” is not only one of the best finales of all NuWho but one of the best episodes ever. The Cybermen were downright terrifying and then they added the Daleks. I mean, the Doctor’s greatest nemeses together is mind blowing stuff right there. And my goodness the two of them enter into a shade throwing match of galactic proportions. Watch it here again:

There was frights, great action, epic dialogues and then the tearful goodbye between the Tenth Doctor and Rose that still makes every Whovian with a heart get the feels. Without a doubt “Doomsday” is the number one (NuWho) Doctor Who finale.

So you have seen my list, now it is time to vote for your favourite finale:

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