Legends v Legends: ‘The Justice Society of America’ Review in 4 Slices

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So I have done some posts about the CW “Flarrowverse” of DC shows, ‘The Flash’, ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supergirl’, but this is my first on the fourth show ‘DC Legends of Tomorrow’. Now I watched the first season and it was entertaining though a bit uneven. It took a while to catch its legs but there was still a lot of stuff to enjoy.

The show returned for its second season and it has been stronger and more settled. And when they introduced iconic comic team the Justice Society of America this week I HAD to do a review. So if you have not seen the episode yet consider this your SPOILER ALERT. Here’s my review in four easy to chew slices:

#1 Super Mega Awesome Team Battle Go!

Let’s teach these fools some manners

Straight out of the gate the initial battle between the Legends and the Justice Society was awesome. A great display of effects and action. I especially enjoyed the shadow powers of Obsidian (pictured above).

Atom – Let’s get ’em. Wait Hawk people? You’re here? And Rip and Captain Cold? Aren’t you both dead?!

Not surprisingly the Legends got their backsides handed to them. I liked the dynamic between the older, seasoned Society and the wild, somewhat uncoordinated Legends. I do hope we see more of the Society because they are really cool.

#2 Take me to your leader

I’m the boss now

Who knew Victor Garber has such great pipes? The Paris bar scene was funny and the inevitable bar room brawl was cool. Stein took up the mantle as leader but showed that he is better at theorising than being tactical. I like White Canary in the role and I think she will do well.

#3 Who’s a hero?

Vixen – That Atom guy. I don’t like the cut of his jib

The heart of the episode was the relationship between Nate Heywood and his grandfather Commander Steel. Nate trying to be a hero and Steel trying to play down his heroism was an intriguing dynamic. In the end and with next week’s promo we see Nate gets metal skin and will morph (literally and figuratively) into the comic character Citizen Steel.

I was bummed when I heard that it would be a different version of Vixen appearing on the show than had appeared on Arrow but I am pleased with Maisie Richardson-Sellers. She brought a strength, regal bearing and grace to the character and I hope she is made a regular. And I think all that busting Ray’s chops is because she has a thing for him. Who say Jungle Fever?

#4 Solomon Nazi & the Speedster

This guy’s not going down…

The only thing that let me down in the episode was the main villain. It is always fun seeing Nazis get their comeuppance but the CGI on Solomon Grundy…sorry Super Nazi, was just plain awful. I cringed every time I saw him. He was a credible physical threat but just looked bad.

Don’t worry Barry. I have some new heroes to go torment

On the upside great to see Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash again. He is always so smooth and sneaky and plotting. And it looks like Rex Tyler aka Hourman has bit the big one but will probably return due to time shenanigans.

Overall I enjoyed the episode but it felt a tad rushed and I would not have minded a two parter.

Rating: “The Justice Society of America” gets 2.75/4 super team ups.

So what did you think of the Justice Society of America – both the team and the episode? Feel free to comment below and if you enjoyed this you can share it with your peeps. Sharing is caring. 

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