‘Logan’ Trailer’s so good it Hurts + Top 5 Wolverine Rage Outs

For 16 years and through eight films Hugh Jackman has played iconic mutant anti-hero Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett. Jackman will suit up one last time for next year’s Logan and from the recently released trailer it looks like he is going out in fine style.

You know kid, I used to heal much faster than this

This will be the third Wolverine solo film after the huge pile that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and the so so The Wolverine (2013).  In the trailer, set in 2024 and with majority of mutants wiped out, we see a grizzled Logan with his regenerative powers waning. He teams up with Professor X (Patrick Stewart) to protect his female clone X-23, a younger version of the character from the comics.

Such an angry young lady

Whoever set this trailer to the late Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” is a bloody genius. That beautiful and melancholy song perfectly matched the brooding and aging Logan as he contemplates his life in a bleak future. He is not indestructible any more but his wounds leave scars and it appears he can be hurt (no pun intended).

And there are no bright costumes and flashy powers here. Sure you get glimpses of him unsheathing his adamantium claws and Professor X using his telepathic abilities but that is all. The tender moments with X-23 are also really touching. The scenes paired with this song had me tearing up, I am not ashamed to say. The tone is dark and intense and more like a gritty war movie than a superhero flick. And I really love that. The film is rated R (studios seem a little more relaxed with the rating after the success of Deadpool) which is what you need for a character as bloody as Wolverine.

I am up on cloud nine excited about this film and I hope they deliver on what we see in the trailer. Check it out for yourself:

In Trinidad we are particularly fond of the term “lagniappe” which means that you get a bonus when you buy something. Like purchasing four mangoes and getting one free. So after my trailer preview I wanted to give you all something extra – the Top 5 Wolverine Rage Outs in movies. So with a SPOILER ALERT for all the X-films here’s my list:

#5 Tooth and Claw

Hey! We said no weapons!

This rage out comes from the very first X-Men movie and Wolverine’s clash with Sabertooth. Now the two are nemeses in the comics but barely knew each other in this encounter, which diluted the emotional factor a bit. And also Sabertooth is just a grunting henchman rather than the taunting beast comic fans love to hate. In the film the brief battle is brutal (that is a lot of alliteration), visceral and overall a decent time.

#4 Meet the Wolverine

He is so going to get it!

We stick with 2000’s X-Men for this second rage out. We first meet Logan in a cage match and butting the heck out of some over eager dude. When the dude is revealed to be a mutant hating bigot and harasses him Logan pulls out the claws and shows that he is not someone to be messed with. Sure the CGI claws do not look all that great but Jackman’s ferocity and contained rage really make the scene.

#3 Catch a train

Logan Slingshot Activated!

There were some sweet action scenes in 2013’s The Wolverine where we saw Logan visit Japan and fight Yakuza and ninjas. An early action scene where he battles a guy on a train is the best of the lot. The scene features some fast paced, heart pumping excitement and we see Logan in full rage mode.

#2 Deathstrike becomes her

Stop it, that tickles!

Our number two comes from the best of the X-films, X2, and the climactic battle between Wolverine and the deadly Lady Deathstrike. The battle features some superb stunt choreography, a wonderful use of levels and some bloody, flesh ripping strikes. If you want to get Wolverine mad try stabbing him repeatedly with elongated adamantium nails. That will definitely piss him off.

#1 Berserker mode activated

Kill everybody and done. They should’ve never hurt Bobby

And our number one Wolverine rage out also comes from the perfection that is X2. It is the scene where Colonel William Stryker’s forces invade Xavier’s School for Gifted Children. Very, bad, idea. Logan rips out his claws and unleashes his berserker rage like never before; his cameo in Apocalypse was cool but lacked the same oomph. Watching Logan brutally kill a bunch of soldiers like a slashing whirlwind reminded me of the deadly Wolverine we know and love from the comics. It is definitely the best rage out of all the movie experiences. We’ll have to wait until March 3, 2017 to see how berserk he goes in Logan.

So what did you think of the Logan trailer? And what is your favourite Wolverine rage out moment from the films? Feel free to comment below and if you enjoyed this post you can share it with your peeps. Sharing is caring. 

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