The Colour of Rage: ‘The Flash’ S3 E3 “Magenta” Review in 4 Slices

Greetings and salutations fellow Flashers (the term is a work in progress).

We had the third episode this week “Magenta” and it was a bit of a mixed bag with some things I liked and some I did not care for. If you have not seen the episode this is your SPOILER ALERT.

Still here? Then let’s speed into it. Here’s my review in four easy to chew and digest slices:

#1 The Quick and the Jesse

I’m fast. Like REALLY fast

I was really glad to have Harry and Jesse back. The show is just not the same without the snarky genius that is Harrison Wells. I enjoyed him admonishing Barry for “Flashpoint” and being over protective over Jesse. He did seem to complain a lot though and his “not” joke kept getting on my nerves. Let us hope that it is a one episode only thing.

There she runs to save the day!

Speedster Jesse was a breath of fresh air and I liked the budding romance with her and Wally. But seriously Wally? You going to jump in front of a car to try and jump start your powers? Did the particle accelerator also fry some of your brain cells dude? I do believe he will eventually get his speed powers and suit up as Kid Flash. But he needs to simmer down.

In other ally news Joe was his usual great self and I will be adding the phrase “cop dad” to my vocabulary. It was nice that Caitlin had more to do and I cannot wait for her secret powers to come out. And finally there was definitely not enough Cisco. We always need more Cisco.

#2 When Barry dated Iris

Just shut up and kiss me!

Barry and Iris took another step in their nascent relationship with their first date. Awww. And my goodness that first first date was stiff and awkward. Thankfully Barry went all Flash and upped his game in the second first date. I’m liking them together if not loving them. I thought Barry had a tad more chemistry with Patty Spivot.

Anywho the sweet love of Biris/Irry  is just too sweet and you know something is going to happen to mess it up. We shall enjoy it while it lasts.

#3 True Colour

You underestimate my power!

We also got to meet Dr Alchemy’s latest convert Frances Kane/Magenta. In the show she is a telekinetic villain but has magnetic powers in the comics. Magenta? Magneto? Magnetic powers? Hmm.


Magneto ain’t got nuthen on me!

Distaff character stealing aside I liked Magenta as a baddie. She had a tragic back story, a cool split personality and some awesome powers. The slamming lamp post at the start startled me, the annoying Julian character almost got squashed like a bug – why does the guy sharing my name have to be such an idiot – and that floating tanker would have made Magneto proud. Kudos to the special effects team. You guys earned your paycheck.

#4 In a Mirror Quickly

I’m no sidekick!

I loved the Jesse Quick/Flash team up in the end. When Harry told Jesse to “run” I had the slightest of chills. It was also a nice change that Barry did not slug it out with Magenta but talked her down. The ending costume reveal for Jesse and daddy/daughter hugfest was also great.

“Magenta” (the episode, not the character) was okay but I am even more excited for next week’s episode where we will see Jesse Quick suit up and feature major Flash comic villain Mirror Master. Come back next week for that Flashers (still no?). Same Flash time, same Flash channel.

I’m going to need you to give this episode a rating

Rating: “Magenta” gets 2.5/4 flash streaks.

So what did you think of “Magenta”. Feel free to comment below and if you enjoyed this post you can share it with your peeps. Sharing is caring. 

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