Space disaster flick ‘Passengers’ trailer intrigues (Quick Bite)

The year 2016 is ticking down but we still have some interesting movies that will be gracing the big screen. One of these is romantic science fiction adventure thriller (boy that was a mouthful) Passengers.

The film features two of the hottest stars out right now – Chris Pratt (Jurassic World, Guardians of the GalaxyThe Magnificent Seven reboot) and the adorable and Academy award winning Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games franchise, X-Men franchise, American Hustle). Pratt and Lawrence play mechanical engineer Jim Preston and writer Aurora Dunn respectively, two of the more than 5,000 people in hibernation pods aboard the “Starship Avalon” on its 120-year journey to a distant planet called “Homestead II”. If you guess that things do not go as planned then you are correct sir/ma’am.

You know what would make this ship better? Dinosaurs

In the trailer we see Jim and Aurora being awakened prematurely which pretty much means that they are both doomed. They have the run of the ship, play with a cute robot and get all cuddly; isolation will do that to you. Then the ship starts to malfunction, and we cue crazy explosions and intense action. At the end we get the line from Pratt that their reanimation was not an accident. Dunh dunh dunh!

I’m getting a 2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar vibe with some intergalactic conspiracy thrown in for good measure. It looks good and I enjoy both actors so I’ll give the movie a shot. Let us hope it takes off and does not crash and burn (pun definitely intended). The movie drops on December 21, just a couple days before Christmas bells start ringing.

So what did you think of the Passengers trailer? Feel free to comment below. And for more out of this world trailer reviews you can check back redmangoreviews Monday to Saturday for new posts. Julien is outie like a navel. l8rs

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