Avenge what? X-Who? Russian superhero flick ‘Guardians’ trailer rocks

Like Hansel from Zoolander superhero movies are SO HOT right now. For this year we have already seen Marvel heroes clash in Civil War and DC’s titans duke it out in Batman v Superman. But all these superhero movies are from Hollywood, don’t we have anything from outside the US? So glad you asked.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the trailer for a Russian superhero film entitled Guardians (not to be confused with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy or that owl movie). According to Wikipedia this flick tells the story of four Soviet superheroes created during the Cold War by an organisation named “Patriot” who have to defend their homeland against invading clone forces.


It is on like Donkey Kong!

The four heroes are: Ler/Landman who has the power of earth manipulation; Khan/Windman who is a blade master and wields two awesome looking crescent blades; Xenia/Waterwoman who can walk on water, breathe in a vacuum and transform into a liquid like gelatinous state; and, my personal favorite, Ursus/Wildman who is an “Altered Beast” looking were-bear with a fondness for mini guns.

Their codenames are not the most inspired and Windman does resemble Winter Soldier a bit but the action in the trailer is fun. Windman has a cool style as he cuts up fools and Wildman looks really fun as he destroys everything in sight. The effects look pretty decent as well and the trailer overall has an interesting dark tone.


It’s a man bear with a minigun. Every argument you have ever made is invalid

There is a bit of an Avengers and X-Men vibe with some of the scenes but the trailer stands out for its embattled city setting, weird masked invading soldiers, and lots of ominous looking tanks.

But the best part of the trailer is the cool looking action sequences including Landman with a Thing-like rock exoskeleton fighting the main villain August Kuratov in his painful looking mechanical exoskeleton. And Wildman tossing a dude and then shooting him with a mini gun? Twelve flavours of awesome sauce. I can’t wait to check this one out.

The film drops February 2017 and here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

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