‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Teaser + Top 6 predictions

The teaser for Netflix flagship superhero series ‘Daredevil’ has dropped and it is quite the little tease (see my link below). We get a shot of a Hell’s Kitchen subway sign, some fight sounds and then blood splattering on a number three (get it? Season 3, number 3? Really quite clever).

We do not get much from the trailer other than There Will Be Blood (which is expected for anyone who has watched the show) and that there may or may not be some action in a subway. But the dirty, dirty teaser got me theorising on Season 3 and, with a MEGA SPOILER ALERT for the previous two seasons, here are my Top 6 predictions:

#1 Devil May Cry

I cannot break these literal or metaphorical chains!

The blood splatter in the tease has me thinking that the writers are going to put Matt Murdock/Daredevil through the ringer. Double D may have super hearing and super smelling and so forth but he is still a normal man in that suit. In the first season when he was still channeling his inner ninja he got the red beaten out of him frequently and was even on the brink of death thanks to a slash from Hand member Nobu.

Things got a lot better since he began wearing his special armour in the Season 1 finale but it appears that in Season 3 he is going to be in some pretty deep doo doo (I’ll get into the who later on this list). And I also expect that the Matt Murdock side will be put through the emotional ringer as well and his relationships with Foggy and Karen will continue to be strained. That’s just par for the course.

#2 Frankly Speaking

Now this is one dead dead guy

The best thing about Season 2 was Jon Bernthal’s performance as Frank Castle aka shoot first ask no questions murdering vigilante anti-hero The Punisher. After three movies that ranged from mediocre to piss poor Bernthal really nailed the role. His Punisher was brutal, deadly and scary but you still rooted for him.

Unfortunately The Punisher story arc and the Elektra/Hand story arcs were completely separate and even when they tried to tie them in a bit in the finale it felt forced. I would hope that the writers/producers would keep Season 3 a bit more streamlined and that would include leaving out the beloved Frank Castle. He is just too much of a presence to pop in and pop out though I do expect some reference to him. But do not despair Punisher fans – Netflix has green lighted a solo series for him which may be released next year but no confirmation yet.

#3 Elektra-fying

And flights of ninjas sing thee to thy rest…

While I don’t predict more Punisher I definitely expect more of Elodie Yung’s Elektra. She died in the Season 2 finale but then we saw the Hand with her body doing some simmy dimmy (that’s Trini speak for hocus locus). Elektra will most likely be resurrected but in an evil version that wants to destroy Matt/Daredevil. This will create an interesting conflict for our hero as the woman he once loved is now one of his greatest foes. In the comics Elektra and Daredevil have run the spectrum from lovers to enemies so a story arc like this would honour that history.

#4 Heroes for Cameos

Somebody need a Hero for Hire?

By the time ‘Daredevil’ Season 3 drops, no confirmation on when yet but likely 2018, the other three Netflix Marvel heroes – Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist – would have had their solo outings; Jones’ fantastic first season was last year, Cage drops this September 30 and we’ll see Fist next year. We will also have seen all four heroes together in the highly anticipated ‘Defenders’ team up serie in 2017 (think Avengers but on a TV scale and with ground level heroes).

So I fully expect in ‘Daredevil’ Season 3 at least one of the other heroes to cameo or even be part of an arc as we saw Luke Cage do in ‘Jessica Jones’. And that would be awesome sauce.

#5 Long Live the Kingpin

Can’t keep a good crime boss down

The greatest thing about Daredevil Season 1 was Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin. What a superb menacing villain both mentally and physically. I mean the guy once decapitated another guy with a car door. A CAR DOOR for goodness sake! And that scene when he choked newsman Ben Urich to death gave me shivers.

Sadly in Season 2 he was relegated to side player and it was like watching the sun through a cloud and only received mere rays of its brilliance. Though the scene where he bangs Matt’s head on the table like a murderous classroom bully was pretty great.

It is my sincere hope that for Season 3 he is a much bigger player in the story and I expect at some point he will stage a brilliant escape from prison.

#6 Gotcha!

Don’t be fooled by the suit. I’m a stone cold killer baby

In Season 1 we got Kingpin and in Season 2 we got Elektra and The Punisher so for Season 3 you know they’re  going to drop someone big from the comics. And there is no one bigger than Daredevil’s other comic book nemesis the uber accurate assassin Bullseye.

I did this myself with a rusty spoon and some witch hazel

Now I am sure that name is giving you traumatising flashbacks to Colin Farrell’s ridiculous portrayal in the much maligned Daredevil movie way back in 2003. But I have the utmost faith that the TV show creators will do the deadly badass character justice. And star Charlir Cox wants him so that pretty much seals it (you can read more here).

I predict that Bullseye will either be hired by Kingpin to take out Daredevil or one of his assassinations will put our hero on his trail. You may recall that we got a tease for the villain back in Season 1 with a masked and very skilled sniper but it is time for Bullseye to step out of the shadows and into the lurid lights of Hell’s Kitchen.

So what would you most like to see in ‘Daredevil’ Season 3? Feel free to comment below and if you enjoyed this post you can like it or share it with your peeps. Sharing is caring.

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