Top 5 Star Wars TV Show Pitches

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm Star Wars fans have been getting stuffed with more content than Jabba at a breakfast buffet. We have movies coming out every year, the great ‘Star Wars Rebels’ CGI animated TV series is heading for its third season and there is a bunch of comics and novels as well.

But your friendly neighbourhood blogger was still surprised to hear the news that American TV network ABC is in talks for a Star Wars TV series. At the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey was asked about a potential prime time series based on the parent company’s franchise. Dungey revealed that they are in talks with Lucasfilm, though there is no timeline and she could not confirm whether it would be live action or not (entertainment weekly).

With Rebels continuing on Disney XD and doing fantastic things like bringing back fan favourite Darth Maul and adding beloved expanded universe character Grand Admiral Thrawn into the official canon (see the exciting Season 3 trailer above), I doubt that the new ABC project will be another animated series.

So, as Star Wars fans are wont to do, I began imagining what my ideal Star Wars live action series would be. And here are my top dream picks:

Star Wars TV crime
How many tentacles did the perpetrator have?

#5 Streets of Coruscant

This is actually not the first we have heard about a possible live action series. Battlestar Galactica’s Ron Moore had been looking at a gritty series based on a lower level of city planet Coruscant, but that never got off the ground.

Now a weekly series about the crime ridden streets of Coruscant with weary detectives (or the Star Wars equivalent) investigating sordid cases  of inter species murder would be interesting. But the single setting feels a bit constricting, and I’m not sure many people would be interested in this concept.

Star Wars TV Empire
Group shot everyone

#4 Agent of the Empire

Here’s the pitch – an Empire agent has a crisis of conscience while on a mission and decides to turn to the rebels. But the rebels have a plan – Agent X will remain in the Empire and sabotage it from within. It would be set in the “dark times” between Episode III and Episode IV. There would be intrigue, suspense and cool space battles and action. And we would also get a deeper look into the world of the Empire which we merely brush the surface of in the movies.

Star Wars TV Jedi
I am Caine. I will help you

#3 Lost Jedi: The Legend Continues

Remember that 1970s action series “Kung Fu” starring David Carradine as a martial artist wandering the Old West and helping folks out? Well imagine that, but with a Jedi!

So here’s the pitch – one of the few Jedi to survive Order 66 is on the run from the Empire, Darth Vader and his agents. He wanders from planet to planet, keeping his light saber and Force abilities a secret until he finds some people in need of rescue. It would be a great way to see different planets and follow the central character and possibly a plucky comic relief sidekick. Think ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ but with less leather.

Star Wars TV Boba
He’s a bad mother…shut your mouth! I’m just talking about Boba

#2 Boba the Bounty Hunter

Who doesn’t love Boba Fett? He is the coolest bounty hunter this side of the Outer Rim.

My pitch is simple – we follow Boba as he goes on missions around the galaxy. There will be lots of action and gun play. And we may discover that under his Mandalorian armour he is not such a bad guy. It would have to be set pre-Empire Strikes Back because, you know, he dies in Return of the Jedi. Or better yet have him escape the Sarlacc Pit. And if not Boba I am sure fans would be willing to follow another bounty hunter as he goes from system to system taking names and killing fools.

Star Wars old republic new
This means WAR!

#1 The Jedi Chronicles

My number one pick for a live action series has to be one set in a pre-Phantom Menace era. And I am talking dating back to the origins of both the Jedi and the Sith. A series based at this time would have the dual advantages of telling a unique story with its own set of characters as well as exploring an era that, while shown in the now non-canon expanded universe, has only been hinted at in the franchise.

I think legions of fans from around the world would be excited to watch a weekly action drama series with Jedi battling Sith. It would be twenty flavours of awesome sauce.

So what would your ideal Star Wars live action TV series be? Hit me your idea below. 

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