Top 4 Reasons Sherlock is One of the Best Shows on TV

‘Game of Thrones’ fans are not the happiest of campers as they again have to wait a whole year for the next season of the mega hit HBO show. But you know what fans of BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ would say to you? “Boo hoo hoo, it’s been two and a half years since our last season!”

If it is one thing we Sherlock fans have learned is patience as we usually have to wait two years between seasons and sometimes even more. Yeah we had a special this January but the episode was just okay and we only made us yearn for more.

But there is some good news on the horizon with the release of a teaser trailer for Season 4. So for this post I will be chatting briefly about the trailer and then going into four reasons why Sherlock is one of my favorite shows, and why it should be one of yours.

Watson is rocking that 'stache
Watson is rocking that ‘stache

Exposition my dear Watson 

The teaser trailer hints at a lot of stuff but does not give anything away about the new season. We see Moriarty’s “miss me” video again, a bearded Sherlock talking about “something’s coming”, dark forests, helicopters, guns, car chases, explosions and rappelling commandos. This season does look like it will have it’s fair share of action.

We see Toby Jones, who ‘Doctor Who’ fans will remember as the Dream Lord, being all creepy. And a very interesting scene where Mrs Hudson tells Sherlock’s brother Mycroft “get out of my house you reptile”. I wonder what he did to set off that sweet old lady. We also hear Mycroft saying “the roads we walk have demons beneath and yours have been waiting for a very long time” and Sherlock looking genuinely frightened. Exciting stuff but we will have to wait for 2017 when the season premieres for all to be revealed.

And now let’s get into our four reasons why Sherlock is so awesome:

You there! Stop what you're doing!
You there! Stop what you’re doing!

#1 Cumberbatch is fantastic

Before Benedict Cumberbatch was Khannnnnn! in Star Trek Into Darkness, scaring Hobbits as Smaug in The Hobbit or even donning the colourful cloak of Doctor Strange, British fans fell in love with him as the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes. Now there have been many, many versions of the character over the years including Robert Downey Jr. in a couple of fun movies, but nothing compares to Cumberbatch. His Sherlock, who describes himself as a “high functioning sociopath”, is riveting to watch. An almost alien character, he foregoes social norms and niceties and is all about solving mysteries with his extremely brilliant mind. Just hearing him speak and watching him solve a puzzle will have you glued to your seat.

Run Watson run!
Run Watson run!

#2 Superb bromance

What’s a Sherlock without his Dr John Watson? And the Watson in this show is played by the great Martin Freeman (he reunited with Cumberbatch in The Hobbit movies). The relationship between these two characters is fantastic. Watson tries to humanise and befriend Sherlock while Sherlock is always calculating plans and manipulating things. They are funny and fun together and deep down you can see they really care for each other. Awww.

Go get him boy
Go get him boy

#3 Absorbing mysteries 

You ever had the experience of watching a movie or TV show and you can tell what is going happen after pretty much after the first scene? Well if you are fed up of that try Sherlock. The mysteries, some of which are based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, will have your mind doing somersaults. And when the mystery is solved it is more often than not supremely satisfying.

A bit rainy eh Moriarty?
A bit rainy eh Moriarty?

#4 Epic scale

Besides the great overall cast and scintillating mysteries Sherlock just looks and feels great. The cinematography is fantastic and engaging, the costuming on point and the lighting adds to the dark and mysterious feel. And with ninety minutes each episode feels like a mini-movie, though connected to a season arc. I can not speak enough about how superbly good this show is. Just go and watch it. And with just 10 episodes you can binge it in a weekend. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

So Sherlock fans, how are you passing the time with the show on break? Feel free to comment below. And if you enjoyed this post feel free to like and share it.

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NB – All photos courtesy of the BBC.

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