Sunny Days: My Top 20 Sesame Street Songs

This morning I was watching the Watchmojo video “Top 10 Sesame Street songs” (which you can watch here,) and while it was a decent list I noted quite a few glaring omissions. So I decided I would do a list of my own.

Now I grew up on Sesame Street and I can sing many of the catchy tunes practically word for word. For my countdown I excluded celebrity songs and instead of ranking them it is just a listing; each song is great in their own way. Here are the tunes I found the most fun, memorable, touching or just plain rocking:

#20 Readers of the Open Range 

We head out to the Old West to teach children that the joys of reading can be found all around. A mix of song and dialogue, that catchy chorus will have you hummin’ along pardner.

#19 Two Trees

Leave it to Sesame Street to explore the touchy subject of divorce in such a simple and poignant manner. Two parents living in two different trees “but they both love me”. Just beautiful.

#18 Bein’ Green

Me and my wife share the catchphrase “it’s not easy bein’ green” and the origin is this wonder of a ballad. Everyone can relate to life being hard because of how you look or your situation, and the positive turn the song takes at the end is a sweet pick me up.

#17 African Alphabet with Kermit

The alphabet never sounded better than with this lovely African tune. Every letter is melodious and the description really takes you away to a wondrous jungle scene. This is the second time we have Kermit on the list but it is not the last.

#16 Imagine That

Of all the Sesame Street characters the rascally and fun loving Ernie was the one I connected with the most as a child. And he dropped some timeless songs including this wildly imaginative ditty.

#15 I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon 

Ernie is back for this deeply touching song. And the message is clear – while it is great to travel and see magnificent sights there really is no place like home.

#14 Do De Rubber Duck

This Caribbean-inspired song really gets the party started and features quite a few beloved characters. It is difficult to put this one on and not start head nodding and finger tapping.

#13 Put Down the Duckie

I was recently discussing the deep message in this simple song with some co-workers – sometimes you have to put away childish things (the duckie) to accomplish your goals (play the saxophone). And Hoots the Owl can jam baby!

#12 Caribbean Amphibian

Kermit joins with his cousin Robin to deliver this ode to Caribbean amphibians. Not sure what kids are supposed to learn from this but it sure is fun.

#11 Do-op Hop 

This pumped up tune is the last Kermit entry on the list and one of his best. The analogy teaches kids that we all have different skills and should celebrate what we do is a fantastic message. And the image of farm animals flinging themselves into the air is hilarious.

#10 The Word is No

Maria and Gina (who I had quite the crush on as a child) teaches kids about the power of the word “No” with an uber catchy hook and a bit of sass. And, whether young or old, we should all remember the power of “just one word, with just two letters”.

#9 Danger’s No Stranger

Beware: this rockin’ song will get stuck in your head. How Now Brown and the Moo Wave (best band name ever) warns kiddies about dangers and visually demonstrates them in a slapstick manner. Good times.

#8 The Letter N

I adore this song. So much story, so much humor and a punchy chorus to boot. I cannot tell you how many times I have repeated “no kid no you’re not old enough to drive”. Suh-weet.

#7 Honk Around the Clock 

A simple song with a nice band sound and the Honkers doing silly antics. Fun on a bun.

#6 A New Way to Walk

The Oinker Sisters (a parody of the Pointer Sisters) put the glam in ham with this sow power tune. And their 80s sty style is nothing to oink at. Okay I’ll stop now.

#5 Wet Paint

How Now Brown and the Moo Wave are back with this ode to wet paint and this slightly psychedelic video. Not sure what is the educational message here but it is quite a trip.

#4 Bert’s Blanket

We’ve seen Ernie a few times on the list but this song places Bert at the centre though he does not sing for this one. His sleep time serenade by these sheep is catchy and the one female sheep with the sweet pitch is a superstar. It’s not bah-ad at all.

#3 The Monster in the Mirror

Is there anything scarier than the darkness that lies within our very own souls? Too much for Sesame Street?

Anywho this is sweet little song and the second version featured a heap of celebrity cameos. Wubba wubba indeed.

#2 I lost my cookie at the disco 

Most people would know the more popular “C is for cookie” but this hidden disco gem is bursting with personality and funk. And do check out the fly looks.

#1 Telephone Rock

Great vocals, some humour and an explosive chorus combine to make this a rocking good time. It makes you want to grab some friends and go crazy in a phone booth. Yeah yeah yeah!

With the multitude of Sesame Street songs I am sure that I missed a few of your favorites. So why not tell me about them in the comments below?

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NB – All videos and photos courtesy of PBS


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