Run Wally Run – Four Thoughts on Kid Flash in Season 3

This week the CW dropped two images of Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West in his Kid Flash costume. Wally was introduced in the second season of The Flash as the estranged son of Joe West and brother of Iris West.

Before I go further here is my SPOILER ALERT for ‘The Flash’ Season 2. Still here? Let’s run to it then.

In episode 20 “Rupture” Wally and Earth 2 Harrison Wells’ daughter Jesse are hit by a particle accelerator blast. This has been the source of most meta humans getting their powers on the show so Wally getting speedster powers is not surprising.

Well that’s enough context. On to my thoughts:

Kid Flash as he appears in the comics

#1 Look of the costume

The character of Wally West was first introduced in 1959 as Kid Flash. Following the death of second Flash Barry Allen, Wally took up the mantle and became the Third Flash; the first was Jay Garrick. Wally would remain the substantive Flash for 23 years.

In the images the CW released on Twitter the design and colour palette of Wally’s costume is based on Kid Flash’s original comic book appearance and I am digging it.

Wally West in the New 52

In the show Wally has idolised The Flash so it makes sense that his costume would have some red in it as a bit of homage. And I am pleased they did not go with the silver look from the New 52 comics as I am not a fan of that design. A little too Robocop.

Illegal drag racing? I don’t know anything about that. *whistle whistle*

#2 Which Wally is it?

As I mentioned above Wally will likely get his powers from that particle accelerator blast. But with Barry going back in time and saving his mother and triggering the “Flashpoint” altered timeline Wally could get his powers from another source.

Or it could be Wally from an alternate Earth like Earth 2. But I think my original prediction will hold true. After spending so much time with the character in Season 2 it would be a waste to give a parallel or alternate version speed powers.

Blondes have more speed

#3 Hey Jesse! Hey Jesse!

Also mentioned above was that Jesse got caught in the blast too and even had a little speed force spark when Barry saved her from a coma. Jessie Quick, which is her father’s nickname for her on the show, is a speedster in the comics but no confirmation yet on whether she will also get speed powers.

And it may be possible that she could get different powers. It’s a wait and see. But with some flirting between her and Wally a romantic speedster race would make for a cool scene.

What am I going to do with you kid?

#4 Wally and Barry

And finally what is the relationship going to be like between The Flash and Kid Flash. Will it be a mentor/mentee, partners or even a competitive rivalry? I  would prefer the first as we are yet to see Barry in that role.

We will get the answers to this and other questions when ‘The Flash’ Season 3 premieres on October 4. I will definitely be watching. Will you?

So you do you like Wally’s costume or do you dislike it? Feel free to comment below.

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NB – All photos courtesy of CW and DC Entertainment


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