Bourne is back baby! New clips + Trailer

You know his name. His name is Bourne. Jason Bourne. 

That joke just never gets old does it?

Three new clips recently dropped for upcoming spy action thriller Jason Bourne. This is the fifth film in the franchise and marks the return of both Matt Damon as the titular lethal spy (2012’s okay sidequel The Bourne Legacy followed Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross) and original trilogy director Paul Greengrass.

The Bourne series is known for gritty action, edge of your seat car chases and lots and lots of Government spy intrigue. They are like James Bond for the new generation; even the Daniel Craig Bond films seems to have taken cues from their action style. Damon’s stoic and driven protagonist is what drove the movies and, while Renner was capable, everyone should be happy that he is back; we last saw him in 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum.

And from the previously released trailer and new clips fans can be happy that the spirit and feel of the franchise has been maintained.

Hold on sir. Internet Explorer takes a while

He remembers everything 

In the trailer (see below) we start with Bourne in some grimy nondescript room. Then we see clips from previous films and Bourne saying “I remember everything”.

We see Julia Stiles back as CIA analyst and ally Nicky Parsons, Tommy Lee Jones as CIA Director Robert Dewey and Alicia Vikander, who had a fabulous turn in 2015’s Ex Machina, as CIA agent Heather Lee.

We also see riot police clashing with rioters, Government agents tracking Bourne (which is par for the course in a Bourne film), Bourne beating up people, Bourne riding a motorcycle, more intense action, a pulse pounding car chase and hints of some new conspiracy. Excitements indeed.

On to the clips:


Clip #1 – In this clip we have Lee and Dewey talking to Bourne. We get some exposition and learn that he is looking into Treadstone files – that is the black ops assassin programme that Bourne was affiliated with before he lost memory. Dewey speaks about Bourne’s father as though he was analyst or something like that, so we will likely get more of our hero’s family history in this film.

Clip #2 – In this second clip we see Bourne playing Need for Speed with a police SWAT van driven by the ominously named character “Asset” played by Vincent Cassel (Ocean’s Twelve and Thirteen and Black Swan). It is brief but gives a glimpse into what should be a heart racing scene.

Clip #3 – In this last clip Bourne goes all Grand Theft Auto, takes out a couple of riot police and steals a motorbike. Then we see him make quick work of some agents and rescue Stile’s Parsons. Did I mention that Bourne was back? Because he is definitely back.

Jason Bourne is scheduled for release in the US on July 29.

So are you excited for Jason Bourne?  What are you most looking forward to seeing? Feel free to comment below.

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