All righty then! Top 6 Jim Carrey 90s comedies

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During my review of Mr Popper’s Penguins (see here) I mentioned the golden age of Jim Carrey comedies in the 1990s. So for this week’s Back in Times Thursday I thought it would be fittingly appropriate and appropriately fitting to do a ranking of these movies.

So slap on your enchanted mask, stop lying for 24 hours and give your talking butt a breath mint – here are the Top 6 Jim Carrey comedies from the 90s:

The miracle of birth...
The miracle of birth…

#6 Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)

This sequel to Carrey’s breakout role as a cartoonish pet detective came out just one year after the first. And, while the original succeeded by having this ridiculous character in a serious setting, When Nature Calls has the ridiculous character in ridiculous situations, and unfortunately a lot of the sharp wit is dulled.

While Carrey is still enjoyable in the role the sight gag after sight gag gets to be a bit much. Jokes like “do I have something in my teeth” and using a skunk as weapon just do not hit the mark. The mystery is also dumbed-down and the movie overall is a lot less clever and funny compared to the first.

Top moment – Once you see the rhino “birthing” you can never unsee it

I don't know which is scarier, their facial expressions or those outifts
I don’t know which is scarier, their facial expressions or those outfits

#5 Dumb and Dumber (1994)

A lot of people really love this silly buddy comedy – one of three in Carrey’s golden year of 1994 – but it is not my favorite from the funny man. There are quite a few laughs to be had but the dumb humour and defecation jokes just didn’t move me.

Carrey and Jeff Daniels do work together well though and the improvised “most annoying sound in the world” scene is cool.

Top moment – The ending with the bikini girls. Funny stuff.

Whaddaya mean I got a whisp?
Whaddaya mean I got a whisp?

#4 The Cable Guy (1996) 

Carrey went dark for this black comedy and his portrayal at times is downright creepy. As cable guy Ernie “Chip” Douglas he stalks and menaces Mathew Broderick’s Steven after the latter rejects his friendship.

Fans of Carrey’s other comedies may be turned off by this one but I enjoyed the charm, wit and the black humour as well. Chip’s line “I learned the facts of life from watching the facts of life” was one of my favorites from the film and the Star Trek inspired battle at the restaurant Medieval Times was also quite memorable and fun.

Top moment –  Jim Carrey’s infinitely entertaining version of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love”

Hut one! Hut two! Hut!
Hut one! Hut two! Hut!

#3 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

This was the film that really put Jim Carrey on the map. Ace Ventura was odd, over the top and cracked us up with his catchphrases, butt talking and his “crazy former footballer” in a tutu persona.

The central mystery is intriguing and has a nice twist, and Carrey has good chemistry with Courtney Cox and nice buddy stuff with Tone Loc. The movie is very quotable and had many people going around saying “all righty then” and “do not go in there”.

Top moment – The final act reveal is gut busting hilarity.

When you see your crush all dressed up
When you see your crush all dressed up

#2 The Mask (1994)

Many of Carrey’s characters have been a bit cartoonish so playing a character that looks and acts like a cartoon is a perfect fit. The actor makes you root for his lovable loser Stanley Ipkiss and his Mask persona is wild, crazy and a laugh-a-minute hoot. And his dog Milo is too adorable.

The flick is a nice blend of action, adventure and comedy that makes it still good on repeat viewings. It has aged better than some of Carrey’s other 90s flicks. Let’s all just pretend that the non-Carrey sequel Son of the Mask never happened.

Top moment – The Mask’s “Cuban pete” performance with the police.

First image from that “Silence of the Lambs” remake

#1 Liar Liar (1997) 

Topping this list is my favorite all time Carrey comedy. As lawyer Fletcher Reede who cannot lie for 24 hours the actor is in top form. He gets to do a lot of physical humour, which has been his trademark since his early stand up days and later in sketch show In Living Colour, and there are many punchy one liners.

We have “the pen is blue” scene, the roasting of his co-workers and kicking his own ass to chuckle and chortle at, and the final courtroom scenes can bring you to tears with laughter. And at its core we have a heartwarming story about the importance of family which is nothing new but presented well. Definitely the cream of the crop.

Top moment – Hard to choose but I will go with all the courtroom antics.

So what’s your favourite Jim Carrey 90s comedy? Feel free to comment below.

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