Finding Dory is great family fun in 4 slices (no spoilers)

To say that the new Pixar/Disney animated film Finding Dory made a splash at the box office is an understatement. With a blue whale-sized US debut of $136.2 million it is the biggest domestic opening of all time for an animated title, and the only animated movie to rank in the top 20 all time biggest openings; it is number 18 by the way.

Dory is the sequel to beloved 2003 film Finding Nemo which won the Best Animated Feature Oscar. This time around we find the eponymous forgetful Dory (Ellen Degeneres) on a quest to find her parents. She is joined by clownfish father/son duo of Marlin and Nemo.

So enough news and background, on to the spoiler free review in four slices:

finding dory 3
It’s so pretty!

#1 Eye popping visuals

Finding Dory is one of the most gorgeously animated movies in Pixar’s filmography. The characters, the settings, every drop of water pops with colour. You can really see how far CGI animation has advanced in the 13 years since Nemo. 

It’s a party for the eyes and everyone is invited.

finding dory hank
Are you listening to the words that are coming out of my beak?

#2 Lovable characters

Like the original, Finding Dory features a cast of cute and comical characters (that alliteration was unintentional). Super cool sea turtles Crush and Squirt return and are joined by near-sighted whale shark Destiny, who is just the sweetest, silly beluga whale Bailey, who has lost his sense of echolocation, and not too bright bird Becky.

But the absolute best is cranky octopus – or “septopus” seeing that he lost tentacle – Hank voiced by Ed O’Neill (Married with Children, Modern Family). He steals every scene with his antics and this reluctant ally is a joy throughout the movie.

finding dory 4
This movie is funny dude. Like tohdally.

#3 Humour for everyone

The movie has a good share of laughs and chuckles – though not as many as Nemo – and a lot of it comes from the aforementioned Becky and Hank. Idris Elba and Dominic West also bring some smiles as two laid back California sea lions but the jokes with Dory’s short term memory loss wear out pretty quickly. Dory and Marlin are separated for most of the film and I did miss the way they play off each other in Nemo. 

Overall the kids will have a time and there is more than enough for older fans to enjoy as well. The final act in particular really had me laughing my tail off.

finding dory 5
We love you Dory!

#4 A touching story 

It’s a Pixar film so you know the Feels Train is going to be rolling in at some point. There is one especially touching scene that gripped ye olde heart strings but I will not spoil it.

Dory is a story (assonance here is also unintentional) about how people with disabilities and problems are still beautiful and special. It is a message I enjoyed and endorse though it could have been brought out a bit stronger.

The film follows some of the beats from the original but tells its own new tale and is packed with thrills and adventure. And while not as pitch perfect as Finding Nemo it is a lovely movie and worthy of the franchise.

Rating: Finding Dory gets 3/4 fishes that just keep swimming, just keep swimming. 

So have you seen Finding Dory? What was your favorite part? Feel free to comment below. I also did a trailer video for the film which you can find here Latest Finding Dory Trailer is a swimming good time (Flash post).

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